Consuelo Duval reveals having lost innocence with Raúl Araiza in a motel


The famous actress Consuelo Duval gave strong statements Regarding her relationship with Televisa host Raúl Araiza, she recalled an intimate moment that she lived with him during that beautiful stage.

It was a few days ago that Consuelo was a guest on the famous program "The last one and we leave", of the conductor Jordi Rosado and spoke some things of his private life.

Duval said that when he was studying high school worked at Televisa as receptionist, being there the place where he met Araiza, who was her first boyfriend in 1987.

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He is my first boyfriend, my brother was pissed off, but he was my first boyfriend at the reception, that is, I worked at the reception and he would greet me every day. He worked in ‘Senda de Gloria’, ”he said.

In the same way I also reveal that the driver gave fear take her home since the comedian lived in Tlatelolco and was afraid that they might assault.

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He was the son of Raúl Araiza papa, the director, and he had noticed me. And I in Tlatelolco son of his pinch #. He left me in the Metro Nurseries, of course they would not remove the wheels from his car and he left me in the Metro and he said to me 'Ay Pachita, it is that going to your house, I am afraid that my things will be taken away from me' and I : 'If Raúl doesn't matter, I'm going on the subway,' ”he said.


One of his strongest statements was that with the now host of the famous morning show Hoy, he had lost its vlrglnidad.

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Looking at it from the side that the first time is the one that marks life, what a blessing it was with a man as beautiful as Raúl Araiza, regardless of the fact that he was at the time of the desmadr%, personally, he always made me feel deeply loved and say that who treats a woman as a princess is that he was educated by a queen reign is evident everywhere, "he confessed.

It is worth mentioning that he explained that it had been in a motel, and he at every moment he treated her very well until he left her for Daniela Castro and recognized that this was a very hard episode for her.

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Also, Duval pointed out that for her it was very important that a man as successful as he was his partner.

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