Consuelo Duval, they claim they leaked alleged photos without any garment

The host and comedian Consuelo Duval is very dear across the country, recent news reports claim that some intimate photos of the actress.

Apparently Duval appears without any garment in the snapshots, the 51-year-old actress is known for playing Federica from the show "The Plush Family".

For years various celebrities men and women have been abused by others who share intimate videos or photos.

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In addition to the fact that there are other types of people who are dedicated to h @ ckear computers, obtaining the private information of others.

It seems that this time Consuelo Duval He was the one who had to endure this terrible action from someone who abused but trusted that he had entered the data on his computer or cell phone.

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These images are said to have been taken in a nudist beach, (which allows attendees not to wear any garment), perhaps during one of their vacations.

Look at the photo that the same Consuelo Duval shared, click here.

So far the veracity of the pictures, but out of respect for the star, these images will not be shared on this portal.

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Was the same Comfort who decided to share the photograph in their stories of Instagram where she denied that the woman who appeared on the beach was her, it should be noted that the resemblance on her face is quite marked, but she herself shared details that make us believe that in fact it is not her.

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In the photograph she indicated that she has a surgery which is not seen in the photo, in addition to stretch marks, perhaps when doing The edition where he put the points to highlight that it was not her seemed funny to him because he put it in an ingenious way.

On Twitter, several users have made comments regarding the photographThey have even made some memes about it.

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