Controversial driver of Ventaneando appears on the air in Hoy ¿Traición?

One of the hosts of the Ventaneando program appeared on the air on the Hoy program after being banned of this television station, this to promote a work in which several members of Televisa also appear.

This undoubtedly surprised the millions of Mexican viewers, since an error on the air in Hoy, caused a driver of Ventaneando to appear on cameras, which probably caused a strong scolding of the producer Magda Rodríguez on Televisa.

The production of Today It is advertising the "Comic Cuarentenorio" since Raúl 'El Negro' Araiza, Arath de la Torre, Cepillín, El Indio Brayan, Lalo España and Los Mascabrothers, Freddy and Germán Ortega appear, according to youtuber Dael Quiroz of Arguende TV .

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And when promoting the play, the production company would have omitted one of the most controversial hosts of TV Azteca from the support videos, Daniel Bisogno.

It is worth mentioning that the conductor "El Negro" Araiza also participates in the play "A obsuras me gives laughter" with the conductor Bisogno.

The detail that Magda did not have is that one of Televisa's hated and banned characters is one of the protagonists and producers of this work, Bisogno ".

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According to the youtuber, in the supporting photographs certain images of Daniel, which were cut to upload to the YouTube channel.

In several seconds, in two moments of the program, Bisogno's face was on Televisa for the program 'Hoy' ".

In this way, the youtuber assured that Magda would be seeing her luck after leaving TV Azteca and as if that were not enough, they already confirmed that her days in Hoy could be brought forward.

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Instead of ending in December, most likely at the end of October I will leave the broadcast, "he said.

It is worth mentioning that the information is only rumors, there is nothing concrete since the producer has not spoken about it.

On the other hand, Daniel bisogno He has been the host of the famous program Ventaneando from 1997 to date, so if he were to leave the television it would be a great but great controversy.

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However, there have been great rumors of his departure from the television, because a few days ago, he received a tremendous scolded from Daniel bisogno by his boss Pati Chapoy after showing that he was more interested in his cell phone than in the Venteneando program and, in addition, they assure that this was not the first time that the driver was more attentive to being on his mobile and he spent it answering messages during the broadcast, so Chapoy couldn't shut up and scolded him on the air.

I'm going to answer you like your daughter answers ... if you pick up the phone you don't love me. For that, there are commercial cuts, "he said.

He is currently one of the most controversial commentators in the show in the country, due to his peculiar black humor and acid comments, and he began his artistic career as a child by participating in films with La Chilindrina, Chespirito and Luis Miguel.

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In addition, his career in the theater has grown a lot in recent years by joining forces with producer Alejandro Gou, achieving successful and long seasons and sharing the stage with great comedians such as Los Mascabrothers, El Loco Valdés, Alejandro Suárez, María Elena Saldaña, Benito Castro, among others.

No doubt Bisogno He is one of the most controversial drivers due to the major conflicts in which he has been involved, however, a few weeks ago he attracted a lot of attention not because of that, but because of his physical appearance since he has received thousands of comments, both good and bad, where they point out that he looks quite thin compared to before.

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