Controversy in Hoy Program, host reveals love for Érika Buenfil

Controversy in the Hoy Program, a dear conductor, Paul Stanley He confessed love face to face with the famous actress Érika Buenfil, who is currently one of the queens of Tik Tok. But this situation is not to be alarmed, even if the actress is older than the driver and this declaration of public love has been made, since all this was a performance for Tik Tok.

Paul Stanley and Érika Buenfil joined their acting talents to make a comical scene in which the host of the Hoy Program finally decides to declare his love for his beloved; However, he is very clear about what he wants and points out that if he is not going to be the love of his life, it is better not to get any illusions.

My mother says that if you are not going to be the love of my life, you are not getting my hopes up, says my mother, "he lip-syncs" Paco Stanley's son while listening to a funny audio.

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In the video you can see both actors from Televisa on the Today Program forum and walk quickly towards the camera to make the fun moment for Tiktok. The video was shared on the official Tik Tok account of the Hoy Program.

Érika Buenfil was one of the guests on the forum and being considered one of the most loved actresses on Tik Tok with more than 10 million followers, the beloved actor and host Paul Stanley could not resist having a Tik Tok next to the famous.

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Buenfil has achieved enormous fame in the famous social network supposedly destined for "chavos" thanks to his enormous acting skills and his sympathy. Many young people described her as an "aunt" and felt identified with the recordings that the beautiful actress has shared.

It caused a huge controversy when some claimed that Érika Buenfil made huge profits from her videos on Tik Tok; However, the protagonist of Marisol pointed out the reality of all this and that it was really nothing what the famous application gave her for her millions of visits to her videos.

Regarding the Today ProgramApparently it is not in its best moment since there are those who assure that the rating began to plummet since the departure of the producer Magda Rodríguez and that the morning conditions continue to worsen. The favorite morning broadcast on Televisa had a huge advantage over its competition Venga La Alegría; however, this advantage no longer exists.

There are those who assure that this situation could indicate the departure of the current producer and Magda's sister, Andrea Rodríguez Doria; who they point out is working with famous producers such as Reynaldo López and Nino Canún in strategies to recover the audience of the Hoy Program.

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But it is also said that Reynaldo López or Nino Canún could be elected as new leaders of the morning looking to increase the rating. Doria has taken various steps to seek an audience, including the addition of a pet and Arath de la Torre, but it seems this has not been enough.

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In addition, Alex Kaffie assures that Raúl Araiza could leave the broadcast very soon, since it is said that Televisa executives have indicated that he should be part of a telenovela by José Alberto Castro and would have one of the main roles.



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