Seoul, ANI. The havoc of the corona virus is also gradually increasing in South Korea. There are more than 7 thousand 300 people infected with this virus. At the same time, the death toll from this infection has reached 51. This has been reported by the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC). It states that 248 new cases have been reported in South Korea in the last 24 hours, while one has died. According to KCDC, 166 people have recovered from the infection, who have been discharged from the hospital. Within the last 24 hours, 36 people have also recovered from this virus.

In South Korea, the number of corona infections is gradually increasing. South Korea's Prime Minister Chung Soe Kyun said that all people have been warned to avoid this infection. He said that he is constantly fighting to avoid this infection. On Monday, he told that he is at the turning point of fighting this virus.

More than 100 countries sought help from South Korea to investigate Corona, know how good image is created all over the world "src ="

More than 100 countries sought help from South Korea to investigate Corona, know how to build a good image in the whole world

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Explain that the infection of corona virus spread from China is gradually spreading to all countries. Italy, Pakistan and the United States have also not remained untouched by this virus. In India too, this virus has knocked. Two suspected people died in India due to this virus. While more than 40 people are infected with this virus. At present, no permanent treatment has been found to prevent this virus. Experts from all countries are doing research to deal with this virus, but are not able to reach any perfect point. In this case, special instructions have been given to avoid it in all countries.

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