Nampenh, A.P. The possibility of a coronavirus prevailed here after the Cruise Ship was allowed to enter Cambodia as one of the passengers on board the American woman was found positive. Indeed, fearing an outbreak of coronavirus infection, other countries in Asia did not allow the cruise ship to enter its port, but Cambodia welcomed the cruise ship to its port.

It was not allowed at its port by Taiwan, Japan, Guam, Thailand and the Philippines for fear of passengers on the cruise being infected with the Corona virus. Due to this, it remained stuck in the sea for about two weeks.

For coronavirus Positive The found an 83-year-old American woman who moved from Cambodia to Malaysia. Some of the passengers aboard the cruise are present at the hotel in Nampenh, Cambodia's capital, while some are still on board. American women were also among the hundreds of travelers who went out of Cambodia on Friday and Saturday. Officials in Malaysia said that the 84-year-old woman has stayed with her husband for treatment there as she has been found to be suffering from pneumonia. The risk of corona virus infection has increased with the return of passengers aboard the ship to their countries.

Coronavirus: Finland will have one more month ban, more than 10 people will not be able to submit together "src ="

Coronavirus: Finland will be banned for one more month, more than 10 people will not be able to collect together

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Cambodia's Prime Minister Samadek T Hunsen praised China's efforts to control the deadly disease Corona virus infection, saying that the disease will be controlled soon. Prime Minister Hunsen said at the convocation ceremony of the National Institute of Education here, on the occasion of distributing degrees to nearly two thousand students, that the work that China has done to control the corona virus infection is praiseworthy and help Cambodian students there We want to thank China for this.

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