Coronavirus, live: the advance of the pandemic and the search for the vaccine

A doctor from the La Paz hospital reacts after two minutes of silence for the health workers who died of COVID-19, amid the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Madrid, Spain, on May 14, 2020 (REUTERS / Juan Medina / Photo Archive)
A doctor from the La Paz hospital reacts after two minutes of silence for the health workers who died of COVID-19, amid the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Madrid, Spain, on May 14, 2020 (REUTERS / Juan Medina / Photo Archive)

The coronavirus continues to spread around the world, with new cases of infection and fatalities, mainly in Europe and the United States. Governments review lifting of quarantine measures, while several labs have begun human testing phases to find a vaccine to help stop the spread.

The schedules are expressed in GMT:

11.00: Iran reported an additional 51 deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the balance to 6,988 deaths. The authorities warned that the epidemic has flared up and affects new provinces.

9.15: Spain reported fewer than 100 new coronavirus deaths for the first time in two months

7.00: The health authorities of Russia 9,709 new cases were confirmed, amounting to 281,752, the second highest number in the world. In addition, it reported 94 new deceased, for a total of 2,631 deaths.

6.00: Germany adds 913 cases and 101 deaths and exceeds 173,000 infected by coronavirus

2.00: China confirms four new cases of locally transmitted coronavirus

00.30:USA recorded 1,237 new deaths from coronavirus in 24 hours and is close to 90,000 fatalities


23.30: Colombia reported 723 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, a daily record of infections that brings the country closer to 15,000 patients, and 16 deaths, with 562 fatal victims of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health reported. Today -according to which 127 patients recovered for a total of 3,587 people who overcame the disease- Colombia reached 14,939 cases of COVID-19.

22.40: Brazil surpassed this Saturday the 15,000 dead from the new coronavirus and 230,000 infected, according to official figures, which make it the fourth country with the highest number of cases of covid-19. With 15,633 deaths and 233,142 confirmed cases, Brazil is the Latin American country most affected by the virus, which has already claimed almost 310,000 lives worldwide. With Saturday's figures, then, outnumbered Italy and Spain in number of cases (224 thousand and 230 thousand, respectively), and only surpassed by the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom, while the peak of the pandemic is expected to be reached in the coming weeks.

21.00: The authorities of the Bolivian department of Santa Cruz confirmed this Saturday an “epidemiological outbreak” of COVID-19 in the Palmasola prison, the largest and most conflictive in the country, after testing 25 inmates and confirming that two deceased inmates also had the disease. last week.

20.50:The President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, announced that his country will maintain the restrictions and sanitary security measures after the next May 24 culminate the quarantine dictated to face the epidemic of COVID-19. "Say that on the 24th we return to normal, no," emphasized Vizcarra during a visit he made this Saturday to the southern city of Tacna, where he delivered health security teams, tests rapid to detect the disease and mechanical ventilators. After participating in that activity, the governor declared that "there are a series of measures that will continue", when the quarantine ends, which began on March 16, ten days after the detect the first case of the disease, which this Saturday exceeded 80,000 infected and 2,500 deaths in the country.

18.00: France has recorded 96 COVID-19-related deaths in the past 24 hours, for a total of 27,625 since the start of the epidemic, of which 17,412 died in hospitals and another 10,213 in nursing homes or dependents. The figures offered this Saturday by the French Ministry of Health confirmed the downward trend in the number of patients in intensive care, which fell by 71 respect Friday, despite all, 19,432 people (compared to 22,614 a week ago) remain hospitalized because of this disease in France, of which 2,132 are in some ICU.

16:30: the number of daily deaths in Italy fell but the number of infections increased. The country registered 153 deaths in the last 24 hours, a lower number than the 262 deaths on Friday. However, 875 new cases were reported, marks higher than 789 yesterday.

14:45: The United Kingdom registered 468 new deaths from COVID-19 and 3,451 infections. The British health authorities have reported this Saturday of 468 new deaths from COVID-19, up to a total of 34,466 fatalities since the pandemic started, according to the official count.

The British Ministry of Health also reported the detection of 3,451 new infections to a total of 240,161 infected people with the coronavirus since the crisis began.

14:00: The Iranian Ministry of Health has confirmed that 35 Iranians have died in the last hours from coronaviruses throughout the country, where a total of approximately 6,937 people have already died from the disease.

The number of new daily cases in the country is 1,757, according to the balance reported by the Ministry's regular spokesman, Kianush Jahanpur.

13:30: Soccer returned. The Bundesliga began with the classic between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04. Date 26 of the German league begins the de-escalation of football worldwide, with the 'Revierderby' as a main dish and with several attractive matches that will seek to be a model in times of coronavirus .

13:00: Greece decided to bring forward the reopening of restaurants, cafes and department stores in view of the favorable evolution of the COVID infection curve.

The large stores will open next Monday, instead of June 1 as originally planned, while the restoration services will resume their activity on May 25, a week earlier than originally planned, as long as epidemiological data on the pandemic continue to be favorable.

12:20: The Government of Spain will extend the state of alarm for the coronavirus for a further month. This was announced by the head of the Spanish Executive, Pedro Sánchez, in an appearance in which he explained that, if there is no new outbreak, the country could go back to normal in the summer, for which he again asked the citizens for “prudence” and "respect for sanitary measures".

11:00: Spain recorded 102 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours: it is the lowest daily figure since the start of the pandemic. The drop in the number of deaths is one of the most outstanding data on the balance of victims disclosed by the Ministry of Health this Saturday, which highlights that most of the new infections (123) have taken place in the region of Catalonia.

10:40: The British Government gave green light to tests on dogs to establish if they can be trained to detect COVID-19 in people.

The Government has already allocated £ 500,000 (€ 570,000) for these tests as a way to use another detection method to control the coronavirus in the UK, where 33,998 people have died since the pandemic started.

10:10: Russia this Saturday exceeded 270,000 infections and 2,500 deaths from the coronavirus, according to the data disclosed by the authorities of this country in their daily report on the situation with COVID-19.

According to data from the crisis cabinet that manages the effects of the pandemic in Russia, in one day the number of those infected with the coronavirus has increased by 9,200 people (to 272,043), 3,505 of them in Moscow. There were also at least 119 deaths from the disease, bringing the total number of deaths to 2,537.

08:30: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, today highlighted the value of the critical press against totalitarianisms, especially in the current times marked by the coronavirus, and the need to discern between truthful information and "lies".

"Journalists must be able to confront a government and all political actors with a critical perspective"Merkel declared in her weekly message to her compatriots, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the free press that emerged after the fall of Nazism.

05:00: the Italian government will reopen its borders to tourists from the European Union on June 3 and will override the mandatory 14-day isolation for foreign visitors to the peninsula, official sources said Saturday.

These measures were announced after a 10-hour Council of Ministers held from Friday to Saturday night and chaired by the head of government Giuseppe Conte. The measures will be applied "in the respect of the links that derive from the legal order of the European Union"The statement said. The European borders of the Schengen area are currently closed.

02:20: the President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, extended the state of emergency throughout the national territory for another 30 days, to protect citizens from the spread of COVID-19.

Through his official account on the social network Twitter, the president stated that by decree number 1052 he had extended the state of emergency by 30 days.

00:00: The United States recorded 1,680 deaths in the last 24 hours from Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, according to the latest count by Johns Hopkins University. Thus, the total amounts to 87,493. The number of positive cases, meanwhile, exceeds 1.44 million. Both figures are by far the highest worldwide.

As the pandemic continues to advance in the country, the authorities - both health and political and economic - focus their efforts on two different objectives: to find a way to reopen the economy as safely as possible and to find a vaccine, or in its antiviral treatment defect.


21:30: The Mexican Ministry of Health reported this Friday that the accumulated COVID-19 infections are 45,032. Furthermore, since the beginning of the epidemic, Mexico has suffered 4,767 fatalities.

There are 10,238 confirmed active cases in the country, which represent the active epidemic in the country. There are 89,631 negative cases, 29,028 suspects, and a total of 163,691 people studied. José Luis Alomía, General Director of Epidemiology, reported that today's evening conference is number 77, and that 54 days have passed since the National Day of Healthy Distance.

20:00: Colombia and Brazil agreed various protocols to combat the new coronavirus pandemic that lashes the Amazon border, said Colombian President Iván Duque.

"Essentially, four major agreements were reached (...) to seek closer coordination in the border areas, since we have seen cases grow in the Amazon department," the president said in an official television program.

19:00: the Salvadoran government ordered the closure of a factory that produced masks and protective medical suits For the coronavirus epidemic, authorities reported Friday, amid growing tension between President Nayib Bukele and business representatives.

Authorities said the closure of the plant, owned by Intradesa, a local unit of the US-based Intradeco Apparel, occurred as part of an operation against facilities that violated sanitary protocols due to the spread of the new virus.

16:54:Chile recorded a record of new deaths from coronavirus for the second consecutive day: there were 26 and the Ministry of Health put the new cases at 2,502.

16:14:Italy has registered 242 new deaths from the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total balance to 31,610 fatalities.

16:00:The United Kingdom recorded 384 new coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours and the total stands at 33,998.

15:23:Nelson Teich, Brazil's health minister, resigned, alleging incompatibilities with President Jair Bolsonaro.

12:55:Retail sales plunged in April 16.4% in the United States, a negative record.

12:50:New York City extended the confinement until June 13, said Andrew Cuomo, state governor.

11:36:Iran announced on Friday that it registered 2,102 new infections in the last 24 hours, the largest increase in more than a month. The total number of patients in the country amounts to 116,635.

11:11: Italy is preparing to once again allow travel between different regions of the country from June 3. The Council of Ministers prepared a project that could be approved in the next few hours.

9:35:Spain recorded 138 deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, a further decrease in the daily figure, and the total amounts to 27,459. With an additional 549 positive cases, it totals 230,183 since the start of the pandemic.

5:50:The Departmental Emergency Operational Committee (COED) of the Bolivian department of Santa Cruz has decided this Thursday to extend the quarantine for seven more days in various municipalities in its metropolitan area, including Santa Cruz de la Sierra, after analyzing the situation derived from the coronavirus crisis.

5 o'clock: The epidemiologist of the World Health Organization (WHO) Maria Van Kerkhove has alerted this Thursday about the outbreak of the coronavirus in various parts of the world, such as South Korea, Singapore or Wuhan, the city where COVID-19 originated, and has urged countries to "be prepared" for eventual resurgences.

4:20: The Chinese Ministry of Health has confirmed this Thursday four new cases of coronavirus, all of them of local transmission and in the province of Jilin, so that the total balance of positives in the Asian country has risen to 82,933.

4:00:The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, has warned governments that the response they offer to the coronavirus pandemic in their countries will decide “their place in history”, establishing a distinction between "economic imperatives" and "health imperatives".

3:40: The Colombian Ministry of the Interior ordered Thursday the governor of Amazonas, Jesús Galindo Cedeño, and the mayor of the municipality of Leticia, Jorge Luis Mendoza, the mandatory preventive isolation and the closure of all open activities to slow the advance of the pandemic of the coronavirus in the territory.

2:10:The NGO Oxfam Intermón has assured this Thursday that vaccinating the poorest half of humanity, some 3.7 billion peopleIt could cost less than the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in four months against coronavirus.

1:00: The Mar-a-Lago resort of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, will begin to partially reopen starting this Saturday despite the coronavirus pandemic.

00:20: The Bolivian government has backed down this Thursday and has repealed the decree authorizing criminal sanctions for spreading information that “generates uncertainty in the population” during the coronavirus pandemic.


16.05: Italy reported another 262 deaths from coronavirus and 992 infections.

15.30: Saudi Arabia recorded more than 2,000 daily coronavirus cases for the first time.

14.40: Russia defended China against US accusations about the origin of the pandemic. "We follow with concern and alarm the accusations of the United States against our strategic partner," said the Russian deputy foreign minister.

14.00: The United Kingdom records another 428 deaths from COVID-19 and 3,446 new infections.

13.30: French President Emmanuel Macron said the covid-19 vaccine must be "a global public good," after the Sanofi pharmaceutical group announced it would prioritize the United States if it finds one.

13.00: Another 2.9 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits and more than 36 million since the start of the pandemic

11.15: France announced a rescue plan of almost USD 20,000 million for the tourism sector, one of the industries most affected by the pandemic.

9.10: Covid-19 deaths in Spain They rebound to 217, according to the balance on Thursday.

8.30: Russia exceeds 250,000 infected by coronavirus after registering 9,974 cases in the last 24 hours.

7:10: In the last 24 hours a figure of 933 cases and 89 deaths is recorded in Germany, which raises the balance to more than 172,000 infected and more than 7,700 fatalities,

6 o'clock:The World Health Organization warned that the new coronavirus "may never go away" and "become another endemic virus, like HIV."

4:50: The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the confinement order in effect in the US state to contain the advance of the coronavirus pandemic, citing it as "illegal" and "unenforceable."

4:10:The World Health Organization has asked governments around the world this Wednesday to study the possibility of limiting the deprivation of liberty, including preventive detention, as an exceptional resource, since overcrowding is an "insurmountable obstacle to prevent and stop the Covid-19 pandemic."

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3:30: The Government of Japan has announced this Thursday that it will lift the state of emergency for 39 of the 47 prefectures ahead of schedule, since they are no longer "under special alert" as the number of cases has decreased and there is a health system "Good enough" to cope with the remainder of the pandemic.

3:00: The Chinese Ministry of Health has registered three new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, all of them locally transmitted, two in Liaoning province and one in neighboring Jilin, in the northeast of the country.

2:20: The NGO Amnesty International (AI) has indicated this Thursday that any government that with its inaction allows refugees to starve or thirst during the quarantine decreed to face the pandemic "will have acted terribly wrong in the face of the crisis."

2:00: The Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office will file charges against the former director of Risk Management Alexandra Ocles, who resigned from his position earlier this week following complaints of purchasing premium-priced food kits to distribute during the coronavirus pandemic emergency.

1:45: The Senate of the Dominican Republic approved on Wednesday an extension of the state of emergency for another 25 days to try to stop the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic, after Tuesday the country's own president, Danilo Medina, requested it.

1:20:The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has again contradicted the main scientific responsible in the fight against the coronavirus in the United States.Anthony Fauci, and has stated that he believes "absolutely" that American schools should reopen.

00:30: The mission of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bolivia this Wednesday urged the Government of the country to "modify" the decree that authorizes criminal sanctions for disseminating information that "generates uncertainty in the population" during the pandemic of the coronavirus.

00:00: Brazil has overtaken France on Wednesday in the number of cases of the new coronavirus, registering 181,518 infections, more than 3,000 compared to the previous day, when it overtook Germany, and is already the sixth country most affected by the pandemic after Italy .

Intensive care treatment in a California hospital (Reuters)
Intensive care treatment in a California hospital (Reuters)


16.20: Italy recorded a slight growth in the number of daily deaths from coronavirus, with 195 deaths.

15.35: The government of Chile decreed the total quarantine in Santiago as of Friday, for 7 days, after a significant increase in coronavirus cases. The total reaches 347 deaths and 34,381 infections.

15.10: United States Warns that Chinese Hackers Try to Steal Research for COVID-19 Vaccine

13.50: United Kingdom confirmed another 494 deaths and 3,242 infections.

13.30: The damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic to the US economy could be "lasting," said the president of the Federal Reserve, who also warned that more stimulus measures may be necessary.

12.00: The city of Jilin, in China, re-imposed a partial quarantine to avoid a second wave of coronavirus, in the face of a resurgence of cases.

9.20: Spain reported 184 deaths and 439 infections in his last daily balance.

8:00:Russia registers 10,028 infections in the last 24 hours, which brings the balance to more than 242,000 and 2,212 fatalities.

7:00: The pandemic has left in the last 24 hours a figure of 798 cases and 101 deaths in Germany, which raises the balance to more than 171,000 infected and more than 7,600 fatalities.

5:20: The Ministry of Health of China It has registered seven new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, one of them from abroad, documented in the city of Shanghai, while the cases of local transmission have all been in the province of Jilin, in the northeast of the country.

5 o'clock: South Korea has suffered the country's most drastic job loss since 1999 since April, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to data provided by the South Korean National Statistical Office.

4:30: The special representative of the UN General Secretariat for children and armed conflicts, Virginia Gamba, insisted on Tuesday that it is "essential" that hospitals be protected from attacks during the coronavirus pandemic, after the attack on a hospital in Kabul that has left 14 dead.

4:10: The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) was "concerned" this Tuesday about the acceleration of the coronavirus pandemic in the region. and noted that Covid-19 cases have nearly doubled in less than three weeks.

3:50: The President of Colombia, Iván Duque, announced on Tuesday the tightening of movement restriction and compulsory quarantine measures in the Amazonas department, in the south of the country, where 743 cases of infection and 26 fatalities have already been registered. , after the last rebound.

3:00: An estimate by the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Assessment (IHME) has raised its projection of deaths in the United States from the coronavirus to 147,000 on Tuesday, August 4.

2:40: The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has warned the governors of the states that not complying with the new decree on the opening of essential sectors, including manicure centers and gyms, may provoke the intervention of the Ministry of Justice and of the State Bar.

2:30: The Peruvian Justice has rejected on Tuesday the release of former President Alberto Fujimori due to the risk of contracting a coronavirus and has declared that the ‘habeas corpus’ appeal presented by his children is “unfounded”.

2:00: Icelandic authorities announced on Tuesday that they will test all passengers arriving at Keflavik International Airport, the country's largest, as part of the measures put in place to deal with the pandemic.

00.40: Deaths from coronavirus rise again in USA: 1,894 were reported in the last 24 hours and the total amounts to 82,272.

White House and Secret Service personnel under new Trump administration security measures (Reuters)
White House and Secret Service personnel under new Trump administration security measures (Reuters)


23.50: Chile requested a $ 23.8 billion line of credit from the IMF to deal with the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

23.00: Venezuela extends the state of alarm for the coronavirus by one month

22.00: Brazil reported 881 deaths in the last 24 hours, a record since the start of the pandemic. The total of deceased amounts to 12,400, with 177,589 confirmed cases.

18.00: France touches the 27,000 dead after adding 348 deaths in one day.

16.25: In Italy there were 172 new deaths, 1,402 new cases and 2,452 recovered

16.00: The White House epidemiologist considered it unrealistic that there be a treatment or a vaccine that would allow the students to return in September. Also, he said that just near the end of the year the results of the coronavirus vaccine trials will be known.

15.30: United Kingdom confirms 627 new deaths from coronavirus.

14.30: Chile breaks the record of daily infections and touches the 32,000 cases of coronavirus

12.30: Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, reported that he tested positive for coronavirus and is receiving medical treatment.

11.30: Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: “The numbers are going down in most of the country, which wants to reopen and move forward again. It is happening, for sure. ”

9.50: Spain It recorded 176 deaths, a slight rebound from weekend reports.

8:40: Russia exceeds 232,000 cases of coronavirus and overtakes Spain as the second most affected country in the world

7.00: Spain will quarantine all travelers from abroad

6 o'clock: Defense ministers of the EU will begin this Tuesday a "long process" of analysis to extract lessons at the European level from the coronavirus crisis and evaluate the response of the Armed Forces during the emergency situation.

5:10: At least five people died in a recorded fire at a hospital for coronavirus patients located in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, local Emergency Services have reported.

5.00: Germany The daily balance of coronavirus rises to 933 cases and 116 deaths and exceeds 170,000 infected

4:30: The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has announced that a partial curfew will be imposed in the country from this Friday to slow down the advance of the coronavirus, while also announcing the relaxation of some of the restrictions adopted in this regard.

4:00: China has returned to the figures of the last days after a couple of days with a slight increase in cases of Covid-19, confirming only one case of contagion from abroad, documented in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, in the north of country.

3:30: The Colombian Senate has decided not to purchase 10,000 masks worth 180 million pesos (about 43 million euros), after the criticism that the senators have received from some sectors of society, which not only They have questioned its high price, but also because the sessions are carried out electronically.

3.00: New York to reopen "low risk" business and recreation activities this Friday

2:40: The United Nations Children's Fund has asked this Tuesday for 1.6 billion dollars (almost 1.5 billion euros) to reinforce its humanitarian response for children affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

2:00:Donald Trump has assured that the coronavirus "is well contained" in the White House after two positives have been confirmed among the staff of the West Wing, that of one of his personal assistants and that of Katie Miller, the vice president's press secretary, Mike Pence.

1:20: The director of Risk Management of Ecuador, Alexandra Ocles, resigned from her post after the complaints about purchases of food kits with a surcharge to distribute them during the emergency derived from the coronavirus pandemic.

00.40:United States recorded fewer than 1,000 deaths daily for the second consecutive day.


23.10: Brazil reported 396 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours and the total amounts to 11,519.

Treatment of the body of a victim of coronavirus in Manaus, Braisl (Reuters)
Treatment of the body of a victim of coronavirus in Manaus, Braisl (Reuters)

20.50: The United States exceeded 80,000 deaths from coronavirus.

19.00: Workers and officials in the White House they should start wearing face masks, according to a newspaper report The Washington Post. The measure affects public spaces but not private offices, and President Donald Trump, reluctant to wear any type of mask, was expected to be exempt.

16.10: Italy reported 179 daily deaths and 744 new cases. In addition, for the first time in two months there are less than a thousand infected in intensive care.

13.40: Vladimir Putin ended the period of leave with pay, which had been imposed to contain the quarantine, despite the fact that Russia has been reporting daily increases of more than 10,000 cases.

13.30: United Kingdom reported 210 new deaths and 3,877 coronavirus infections.

12.30: The United States Government began distributing the antiviral remdesivir, originally used to cope with Ebola, among the states in the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic for its "emergency" use in hospitals.

12.00: Race against time in Seoul: they seek 3,000 people who went to the discotheques where the coronavirus resurfaced

10.00: France began the lack of focus with the focus on public transport

9.15: Spain adds 123 deaths with Covid-19, the lowest daily number since March 18.

8.00: Russia outnumbered the UK and Italy in the number of COVID-19 infections, reaching 221,344 cases.

7:00: Saudi Arabia will implement from July 1 a sharp rise in the value added tax (VAT), which will go from the current 5% to 15%, in response to the double adverse impact on the economy of the Kingdom derived from the Covid pandemic- 19 and the collapse of oil prices.

6:20: The new coronavirus pandemic left 357 cases and 22 dead in Germany in the last 24 hours, which brings the balance to almost 170,000 infected and more than 7,400 fatalities.

5:30:The interim government of Bolivia announced this Sunday through a new decree the tougher penalties against those who disseminate information about the Covid-19 pandemic that "affects public health", or "generate uncertainty", based on the health emergency declaration decreed two months ago.

4:50: The Ministry of Health of China It has confirmed 17 new cases of the new coronavirus pandemic, seven of them imported and registered in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, in the north of the country.

3:30: The Indonesian Ministry of Health has reported this Sunday that 14,032 cases of Covid-19 have been reached in the country, after 387 positives were registered in the last 24 hours.

2:40: The leader of the Ze Los Zetas ’cartel, Moisés Escamilla May, has died of respiratory problems caused by Covid-19 in the federal prison of Puente Grande, in the state of Jalisco, in western Mexico.

2:00: The government of The Savior 105 new cases of the new coronavirus have been confirmed this Sunday, representing an increase of 19 percent compared to the previous day and the highest number of daily infections since the country's health crisis began.

2:00: The National Risk Management System of Honduras has announced this Sunday that the "red alert" for the 18 departments of the country extends until May 17, after a new upswing in positive cases by Covid-19 registered in the last hours , whose number rises to 1,830 infections and 108 fatalities.

00.45:The United States recorded 776 deaths from coronaviruses in the last 24 hours this Sunday, bringing the total to 79,522, according to data provided by Johns Hopkins University. This is the lowest daily figure since March. The number of infected, meanwhile, amounts to 1,329,072.

00.30: The Colombian Government confirmed this Sunday 568 new cases of COVID-19 and the total number of those infected reached 11,063, while it reported 18 deaths, four of them in the Amazon, and the fatalities in the country are already 463.

Indian citizens, who were stranded in Singapore due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), are examined by doctors at the airport upon arrival in New Delhi, India, on May 8, 2020. (REUTERS / Anushree Fadnavis )
Indian citizens, who were stranded in Singapore due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), are examined by doctors at the airport upon arrival in New Delhi, India, on May 8, 2020. (REUTERS / Anushree Fadnavis )


22.56: The number of deaths caused by the pandemic in Brazil reached 11,123 this Sunday, while the confirmed cases now amount to 162,699, as reported on Sunday by the Ministry of Health. The balance of deaths, meanwhile, assumes that, in the last 24 hours, 496 new deaths were notified by COVID-19, while 6,760 new infections were registered in the same period, according to the daily bulletin released by the portfolio.

22.47: United States Vice President Mike Pence will be in quarantine after his press secretary, Katie Miller, tested positive for coronavirus last Friday.

22.20: Argentina also registered the day with the most infections. The Ministry of Health reported that during the last 24 hours, five deaths and 258 new positive cases of coronavirus were reported. With this data, the total number of infected in the whole country amounts to 6,034 and the fatal victims number 305.

22.00: The expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic in Peru continues to rise with 67,307 confirmed cases, some 2,292 more than on Saturday, and 1,889 deaths, 75 more than the day before, 56 days after the state of emergency decreed in the country.

21.30: Chile registered the day with the greatest increase in infections by coronavirus, with 1,647 new cases, and reached 28,866 positives for COVID-19. The health authorities indicated that in the last 24 hours there were 8 deaths and the total number increased to 312 deaths since the first case in the country was registered on March 3.

18.00: Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the UK will remain in confinement until at least June 1, when it will be able to gradually reopen primary schools and shops. However, the president confirmed that this week those people who cannot do it from home will return to work. In addition, certain outdoor activities are allowed beginning Wednesday.

16.15: Italy has registered 165 new deaths in the last 24 hours, the lowest number in two months, and now totals 30,560 dead since the beginning of the emergency in the country in February, according to the last official balance of Civil Protection.The number of total infections is 219,070, that is, 802 new cases since Saturday, the best data since March 6.

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15.25: Deaths from the new coronavirus in the United Kingdom rose to 31,855 this Sunday, after adding 269 in 24 hours, the highest number of deaths in Europe, reported the British Government, which is preparing to announce its unconfinement plan. These figures correspond to the cases of COVID-19 confirmed by tests, but other data from the National Statistics Office (ONS ) indicate that the actual number of deaths attributable to the virus could be 36,800.

13.00: The Spanish Professional Soccer League announced that five players, "all of them asymptomatic and in the final phase of the disease," tested positive for coronavirus, after medical tests prior to the start of training.

12.00: China raised the level of epidemiological risk in a neighborhood of Wuhan, after discovering a case of covid-19, the first in more than a month in the cradle of the pandemic that emerged in late 2019.

11.00: Premier Giuseppe Conte promised Italians that they can enjoy the summer without quarantine.

10.30: Iran It confirms 51 new deceased, with more than 107,000 infections and 6,640 total deaths.

9.10: Spain reported 143 deaths from coronavirus, the lowest daily number since March 18

7.00: White House epidemiologist Anthony Fauci has been quarantined for being in contact with a coronavirus infected

5.00: Russia maintains a rate of more than 10,000 daily infections and is close to 210,000 cases.

4.30: Germany records the lowest number of daily deaths since March.

3.30: A committee of experts warned the British government that by the end of the year more than 100,000 people could have died from the coronavirus across the country if the containment measures were lifted prematurely.

2.30: China confirms 14 new cases of coronavirus, 12 of them of local transmission

2.00: USA recorded another 1,568 deaths from coronavirus, bringing the total death toll to more than 78,500.

1.00: India exceeds 2,000 deaths from coronavirus and reaches 60,000 infections.


23.30: LThe Colombian health authorities confirmed 444 new cases of coronavirus this Saturday, bringing the total number of infected to 10,495, while 17 deaths brought the number of deaths in the country to 445.. The number of recovered amounts to 2,569, added the Ministry of Health, according to which 5,173 tests were processed on this day, for a total of 144,912 since the pandemic began in the country, more than two months ago.

21.30: The number of infections with the COVID-19 in Peru amounted to 65,015 cases this Saturday, with 3,168 more patients than on Friday, while the deceased increased by one hundred and reached 1,814, according to the report of the Ministry of Health. After 55 days of quarantine in the country, the health authorities have carried out tests to rule out the pandemic to 494,250 people, of which 6,220 are hospitalized and 20,246 were discharged at the end of treatment.

President Martín Vizcarra extended the quarantine on Friday until May 24, with mandatory immobilization during the nights, closure of borders, and with some economic activities operating again from Monday. "We have to extend the state of emergency for two more weeks , until Sunday the 24th, because it would not be responsible for us who, when we are with a contagion rate greater than one, raise it.

18.00: The coronavirus epidemic caused 80 deaths in the last 24 hours in France, the lowest daily balance since the beginning of April., which brought the total number of deaths to 26,310, this Saturday the General Directorate of Health reported in a statement. A total of 76 of those deaths were reported in hospitals and just four deaths in social medical facilities and nursing homes, a dramatic drop compared to daily statistics for the past few weeks.

Two days after confinement begins to lift, the pressure on intensive care services continues to ease. The balance of seriously ill patients decreased in 56 cases compared to the previous count. According to the DGS, 22,614 people are still hospitalized in France due to the virus, with 265 new admissions in the last 24 hours. Since the start of the epidemic, 95,829 people have been hospitalized, 56,038 of whom have already returned home.

"The epidemic is still active and evolving and the virus circulates in many areas of the territory," however warned the DGS, which called for maintaining hygiene and social distancing measures with the beginning of lack of control on Monday. Parliament definitively approved this Saturday the text to extend the state of health emergency until July 10 in France.

16:20: The deaths in Italy from coronavirus continue to drop: in the last 24 hours 194 people died. The total number of deaths since the emergency began on February 21 reaches 30,395 and the total contagion cases exceed 218,000.

15:15: The United Kingdom reported 346 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours: the total amounts to 31,587. At the daily press conference, Transport Minister Grant Shapps urged the population to respect the confinement measures until Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson explains his de-escalation plan on Sunday.

12:25: the Portuguese authorities have reported twelve deceased and 138 positive for coronavirus in the last 24 hours, with which there are already 1,126 dead and 27,406 infected.

The Portuguese Government's General Directorate of Health has also reported 2,499 recovered patients -77 more- and a further decrease for the second consecutive day in the number of patients admitted: 815, 27 less. Of them, 120 are in intensive care, seven fewer than on Friday.

11:45: The Iranian health authorities have reported this Saturday that 48 people have died from coronavirus in the last 24 hours to make up a total of 6,589 deaths.

This daily number of deceased represents a slight decrease from 55 this Friday, but the rebound in the number of new cases continues.

11:10: Indonesian authorities have reported this Saturday the death of 13 people from coronavirus in the last 24 hours and now totals 943 deaths, making it the third country in Asia with the most deaths, behind only China and India.

As for infections, on the last day 336 new ones were registered and there are already 13,112 confirmed cases, the Indonesian Government's Task Force for the Acceleration of Management of Covid-19 has reported in a statement.

10:20: for the seventh day in a row, Russia recorded more than 10,000 new cases of covid-19 on Saturday, raising the total to about 200,000, according to the authorities.

The largest country in the world now has 198,676 cases detected, of which 10,817 registered in the last 24 hours. Russia is the fifth most affected country in terms of contagion, after the United States, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

09:30: Spain recorded 179 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours: there are 26,478 in total. It is a decrease compared to the figure on Friday, when 229 were reported. More than 223,000 infected patients diagnosed with PCR and almost 134,000 recovered since the start of the crisis were reported.

08:33: Russia registers almost 11,000 new infections in one day and is already close to 200,000 cases

08:14: Japan Announces Application for Tracking Contagions and Relaxing Test Conditions

07:54: Former FARC guerrillas make coronavirus masks in an "act of peace"

07:28: Guterres calls again for a global armistice as a prop for a historic response to Covid-19

07:10: Experts warn of collapse of cancer tests in the US due to the corona plug effect ’of the coronavirus

06:49: Germany adds 1,251 cases and raises the balance of coronavirus to more than 168,000 infected and 7,369 dead

06:13: The coronavirus pandemic is close to 275,000 deaths and four million infections worldwide

05:29: Bolivia warns that coronavirus cases may double in the next week

05:03: Ivanka Trump's personal assistant also tests positive for coronavirus, according to CNN

04:39: The governor of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro extends the quarantine until May 31

04:16: North Korea claims to "constantly" take preventive measures against coronavirus

03:57: China registers a case of coronavirus imported from abroad

03:20: Argentina extends quarantine until May 24 with a flexible reopening, except in Buenos Aires

02:47: New York confirms 216 deaths from coronavirus although highlights the improvement in the numbers

02:10: Colombia exceeds 10,000 coronavirus infections by registering more than 500 cases

01:47: The White House justifies its rejection of the guidelines of the experts because "they are in the process of being edited"

00:33: El Salvador's presidential residence will house 300 toilets throughout the pandemic

A person jogs wearing a mask
A person jogs wearing a mask


23:14: Coronavirus.- The spokeswoman for Pence, second infected with coronavirus this week at the White House

22:09: Nearly two million Canadians lost their jobs in April due to the coronavirus pandemic

21:52: The governor of the Brazilian state Sao Paulo extends the confinement until May 31

21:04: Peru extends the state of emergency until May 24 after registering more than 1,600 deaths

20:39: France suffers a rebound in the daily death toll from coronavirus after registering another 243 deaths

20:16: The Government of Paraguay warns that the agglomerations on the border with Brazil are a focus of contagion

20:06: The EU will extend until June 15 the closure of its external border due to the coronavirus

19:51: United Kingdom adds almost 4,700 new cases and 626 deaths in the last day

19:23: Italy exceeds 30,000 deaths and already brushes 100,000 patients cured of Covid-19

19:10: An assistant to the US vice president, second infected with coronavirus this week at the White House

18:30: South Korea records new outbreak of coronavirus infection in Seoul nightclubs and bars

18:14: Chile adds another 1,400 cases in one day and already has almost 26,000 infections

18:01: WHO calls for “global solidarity” of smallpox eradication to end Covid-19

17:49: Borrell asks the UN for “political will” to act against the authoritarianism that emerges with the coronavirus

17:20: Trump considers WHO "a puppet of China"

16:58: Half of Japan prepares to relax its restrictions and multiply the tests to the population

16:22:Italy registered 243 new deaths from COVID-19 this Friday, for a total of 30,201. The new infections were 1,327 and the recovered patients 2,747.

16:20:The UK announced 626 new coronavirus deaths this Friday and the total stands at 31,241.

15:11: South Africa released 12% of its prison population - some 19,000 people - on probation to combat the spread of the coronavirus in prisons. At least 172 inmates and prison staff have tested positive so far.

12:57:Unemployment in the United States rose to 14.7%, the highest number since the Great Depression, after 20.5 million people lost their jobs due to the devastating consequences of the pandemic.

12:19: Russia registered 10,669 new cases of coronavirus on Friday - less than Thursday's record of 11,231 - bringing the total number of confirmed infections to 187,859. The country also registered 98 new deaths from the virus, for a total of 1,723.

10:30:Spain adds 229 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, a slight rise compared to Thursday, and the total reaches 26,299. In addition, 2,637 recovered patients were confirmed, more than double the 1,095 newly infected.

06:21: Germany adds 1,209 cases and raises the coronavirus balance to more than 167,000 infected and 7,266 dead

05:48: The UN reiterates that "thousands of migrants" are stranded "around the world" due to the coronavirus crisis

05:09: Kim Jong Un Congratulates Xi Jinping With "Verbal Message" For Managing Coronavirus In China

04:41: China supports an eventual WHO mission to clarify the origin of the coronavirus

04:06: China records a case of Covid-19 of local transmission

03:34: Bolivia exceeds 2,000 positives and 100 deaths from Covid-19

02:53: Ecuador completes the work of the group in charge of supporting the fight against the coronavirus in Guayas

02:26: Bolsonaro says he will only show his evidence of Covid-19 if Justice ultimately requires it

01:59: Chile announces a deployment of 14,000 soldiers and police to enforce the quarantine in Santiago

01:13: Trump returns to test negative for the coronavirus after catching one of his personal assistants

00:20: New York confirms 231 more deaths from coronavirus but highlights low number of hospitalizations

A mother prepares to take her daughter to school in Vietnam
A mother prepares to take her daughter to school in Vietnam

23:47: At least 19 femicides and more than 3,700 arrests for male violence during the quarantine in Peru

22:30: The White House is not going to implement the experts' recommendations to reopen the US

21:09: France registers 178 deaths in a single day and confirms a notable decrease in those admitted to the ICU

20:49: Brussels sees a step back in the closure of borders and asks the 27 to “return to the future” as soon as possible

20:36: Sweden adds another 99 deaths and exceeds 3,000 deaths due to coronavirus

20:06: United Kingdom confirms 539 deaths and another 5,600 positive for coronavirus in the last day

19:45: Italy exceeds 215,000 infections and brushes past 30,000 deaths

19:36: Trump offers Putin to send teams to deal with the coronavirus

19:14: Japan approves the use of the antiviral remdesivir, used for Ebola, to treat Covid-19

18:20: Australia warns of US theory: "Not long ago the weapons of mass destruction fiasco"

17:01: Honduras extends the “absolute curfew” in the municipalities most affected by the coronavirus

16.35: New York extended the eviction ban for lack of rent until August.

16.25: United Kingdom reported 539 new deaths, bringing the total to 30,615.

16.10: Italy recorded 274 deaths and 3,000 recovered in the last 24 hours.

15.45: An assistant to Donald Trump at the White House tested positive for Covid-19.

15.30: Latin America and the Caribbean exceeded 300,000 cases of the new coronavirus, which has killed 16,293 people in the region.

16.00: Donald Trump offered Vladimir Putin to send teams to improve the Russian response to the coronavirus pandemic.

13.30: At least three players from Flamengo's main squad received a positive diagnosis for the new coronavirus, reported the Brazilian club, which detected a total of 38 cases of covid-19 among its officials and family members.

12.50: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved that the company Moderna's vaccine go into the second phase of testing

12.40: Another 3.2 million people applied for unemployment benefits in the US: the total reached 33.5 million since the start of the pandemic,

12.30: Sweden exceeded 3,000 deaths from Covid-19.

11.30: Japan approved the use of remdesivir as a treatment against coronavirus

11.00: Africa exceeds 2,000 deaths and 50,000 coronavirus infections.

9.30: The pandemic has already killed more than 150,000 people in Europe, three-quarters in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France, according to a balance established by the AFP from official sources.

9.10: The death toll in Spain It drops slightly to 213, but the infected rise to 754.

8.30: Russia breaks his daily record with more than 11,200 new positives. The total in the country exceeds 177,000 infected.

7:40: Germany The daily balance rises to more than 1,200 cases and exceeds 166,000 infected and 7,100 dead

4:30: China records only two new imported cases of Covid-19

3:50: WHO works to send a new mission to China to search for the origin of the coronavirus

2:30: Bolsonaro's spokesman tests positive for Covid-19 the day Brazil breaks record deaths, 615

1.30: With a new maximum of infections, Mexico prepares for the worst days of the pandemic

00.40:United States reported 2,037 coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours. The total amounts to 73,207 with 1,227,430 confirmed cases.

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