Could Kimberly Loaiza do tutorial with James Charles

One of the most recognized influencers in the United States is James charlesNot only because of his beauty tutorials but also the collaborations that he tends to do on certain occasions, there is the possibility that he will do a new beauty tutorial but with Kimberly Loaiza, something that has greatly excited his fans.

The young man influencer, youtuber and businessman James Charles is also known for his fashion advertisements, and for being quite special when choosing who to collaborate with due to a situation in the past with certain people.

The idea of ​​making a collaboration with the Mexican celebrity and couple of Juan de Dios Pantoja It is due to its popularity, since a few weeks ago it surpassed Yuya on YouTube, who until recently was the youtuber most followed throughout Mexico.

It was James Charles himself who shared the news in one of his videos on YouTube, surprising all his followers with a video recorded completely in Spanish, in fact Kimberly Loaiza is not the only personality with whom he wants to collaborate.

In addition to the name of La Lindura Mayor there was that of Rosalía and Karol G, however he said that the one with whom he was most excited about the idea was with the interpreter of "Bye bye" herself.

There are those who claim that this collaboration has already been done and they are just waiting for the perfect moment to publish it, this would explain the reason for their most recent videos where they are excited by a surprise that is about to be shared.

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All this because for a long time the young businessman and makeup artist James Charles began to follow Kimberly Loaiza on Instagram, they have even seen some comments and like's in some of her publications.

It was thanks to an Internet user who discovered that both Kimberly and James had uploaded photographs in the same locations, so the theory that the collaboration had already been made would be even clearer, as you will remember recently Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja were in the States United.

Although we continue in the pandemic Kimberly Loaiza has not stopped working, it even seems that she had worked much more than in other years because despite the pandemic and the controversy that her family and her partner experienced, it was only a few days that she stopped working. share content on social networks.

He recently released two new singles, one individually and the second in collaboration with Juan de Dios, who has also been very busy, their names were in trend for a long time so they took the opportunity to launch their collaboration that, as they already explained in a video They already had said song ready to launch, only that when the controversy occurred they took advantage of it as any other famous person would have done.

Little by little the interpreter of "Don't be jealous" has been growing hastily in show business, although she has also had to do it with a lot of criticism towards her work and person, she has managed to get ahead and continue with her career.

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Her partner Juan de Dios Pantoja has been supporting her at all times, and Loaiza has a great inspiration for her daughter Kima, who is also a celebrity thanks to the popularity of her parents who adore her.

As for James, we know that he has become a businessman and famous youtuber, the video in which he appears speaking Spanish, mentions that from a very young age he had the opportunity to learn it at school, later he moved in with a friend who was the daughter of Mexican parents , the same ones with whom he practiced the language because they did not speak much English.


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