Could Laura Bozzo respond to demand with hint and a dance


The lawsuit filed not only by Gabriel Soto but also by his girlfriend Irina Baeva against Laura Bozzo could have had a response from the driver through a video she shared on Instagram where he appears dancing and with a description that seems more like a strong hint.

Laura bozzo She is known for being involved in several controversies, however one of the most recent is in which she was involved with the actors Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva.

The driver Laura bozzo of Peruvian origin, she has lived in Mexico for some years, and from the moment she arrived in the country it seems that she has not had peace, due to the conflicts in which her name and person have been involved, although she is quite well known by the viewers for helping other women who have been unfaithful there are those who want her to reside in the country.

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He recently appeared on the program "El Gordo y la Flaca" where he expressed himself in a derogatory way towards the couple of actors who have decided to take legal action against him.

Gabriel and Irina's lawyer reported Gustabo Herrera, who insulted Baeva using anti-sounding words, which is why the couple decided to file a lawsuit against Laura bozzo for defamation, threats, sexual harassment and discrimination.

Perhaps far from being depressed or decaying due to the problems that surround her, the creator of the famous phrase "Let the degr @ ciado pass" limited herself to sharing a video that for many is a mockery of her enemies.

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Starting the recordings, the dogs bark, we move forward, "he shared in the description.

The song heard in the background is "Kimbara" by the disappeared Celia Cruz, in the video Bozzo comments "I'm stronger than ever here."

Although she did not share any label, several users have commented that despite the demand that "they are putting" on her, she continues to be happy, working and super happy, some users support her and reiterate that they should not worry about anything.


Laurita support for you, so it is spoken, as you do, I love your personality, forehead without mincing words "commented one of his followers on Instagram.

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Coupled with the conflict between Soto and Baeva, The former partner of Bozzo Cristian Zuárez found it necessary to also go through legal means the threats he received from his ex-wife with whom he was married for 16 years, this because he was a victim of domestic violence, the story was very popular recently, because Laura bozzo He confessed that he had chased him around his house with knife in hand.

Despite all this, the Peruvian does not stop at anything and continues working as she normally would, with her program, of course using the proper health measures for her own protection as well as with her assistants and production equipment.

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Laura bozzo She is currently 69 years old, however she lives life as a young girl and enjoys the opportunities that are presented to her, throughout her career she has been involved in different conflicts, however none of them has managed to stop her and although she knows that many criticize her this does not seem to matter to her, as long as she is happy the rest does not interest her.

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She has been active since 1993, she is the mother of two beautiful women Alejandra and Victoria, in addition to being a television presenter as we know her today, she is also a lawyer, coincidentally in the first program in which she participated she had feminine touches, since then she adopted this standing posture.

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