Could model Joselyn Cano copy photos of Demi Rose?

For a few weeks the name of Joseyn Cano has been sounding strongly almost on par with the British model who is an eminence in social networks, it is believed that Cano has copied some of the beautiful poses Demi Rose and we will show you.

Both are great celebrities on the Internet, especially on Instagram the american model it has around 12 million 600 thousand followers, as for the British one it has 14 million 500 thousand respectively.

While Joselyn cano is just short of reaching the figure that Demi Rose has in Instagram The latter continues to grow along with the young woman from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, whom they nickname as the Kim Kardashian Mexican.

Unlike the British model Joselyn tries to keep her number of publications to a minimum, she currently has 272, however from what has been seen that the celebrity tends to eliminate certain publications, this probably causes the sadness of her followers, as it is really a pretty attractive woman.

The publication in question, which you can enjoy in the following LINK is 124 weeks ago, and although it is true, it is not current to revive that image for sure it will put its followers in a good mood, the beautiful model appears in a kind of tub, which to tell the truth is not very common but it looks pretty.

The interesting thing about the photograph is obviously not the tub, but who is inside it, Joselyn Cano is enjoying the water without any garment, she is slightly raised and although her back is turned, the most representative parts of her body can be distinguished.

Spa day ... apparently no clothing allowed, "wrote Joselyn

The photograph was taken on a trip he had in Thailand, the hotel where he stayed was Pimalai Resort & Spa, in Koh Lanta, this is a luxury hotel that can be reached by private boat, when you have the opportunity to Enjoy these types of places should be used to the maximum as the model did.

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"God, I would have loved to be there for a spa day. Perfection", "I wish I could be there too", comments he received in his very publication that has reached 383 thousand 435 like's throughout these weeks.

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As for Demi Rose, who has a little more than a thousand publications on Instagram on several occasions, she has shared photographs or videos where she is showing off one of her greatest attributes, in the following link you can enjoy the photograph that although it is more recent than that of Cano is not the first to upload this style, but it is a very good reference.

In reality, there is no great physical resemblance between the models, only some coincidences between the two, the most obvious is that both Demi and Joselyn are models, they speak Spanish although they do not understand it very well, they are both 25 years old , they are celebrities on Instagram.

Something that the two beautiful women also differ is that Joselyn does a lot of exercise, according to a video that was shared on YouTube, it was thanks to the constant exercises and her diet that she has today said figure ensures that she consumes enough proteins and carbohydrates It has helped him a lot, in addition to doing weights.

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Joselyn Cano is also known by many as the "Kim Kardashian Mexicana", because she has a physique similar to that of the socialite who is quite a personality not only on Instagram but on all social networks.

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There is no doubt that thanks to technology these days we find beautiful women in any type of social network, however few like Demi Rose and Joselyn Cano.


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