Paris, AFP. The new corona virus has taken over the clutches of 202 countries of the world. The rich countries are struggling in this order, but there are some countries where the situ ation is already bad and due to this epidemic, they will end at the root.


Organizations that have helped Europe and America struggling with the corona virus epidemic warn that in low-income countries and war-torn regions such as Syria and Yemen, where there are few ways to avoid it, people will end up as such Sanitation and health conditions are already worse at places.

Starting in Wuhan, China, the epidemic has infected around 6 lakh people worldwide and more than 26,000 people have died. According to AFP, according to officially released figures in Africa, there have been 83 deaths and 32,00 infected cases.

Cofin line in Italy's churches, eyes filled with looking, people trembling, see photos "src =" -_29_03_2020_20148707_15252715_s.jpg

Cofin line in Italy's churches, eyes filled with seeing, people trembling, see photos

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According to the African Union, the official figure in Africa is still very low. On Friday, 3,200 cases were confirmed and 83 people were reported dead. But partner organizations are warning of the disastrous consequences in low-income countries. In these countries, the conditions of all sanitation related arrangements are worse. The pandemic will hit most of the refugees who are already in trouble. Misty Buswell of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) said that the crisis-stricken Syria's Idlib province is particularly under threat even before the epidemic begins. He said, 'They do not have food and drinking water, and hundreds of people are already ill due to the cold weather.' The United Nations has warned that three billion people in the world do not have even water and soap. Which is the basic weapon to escape the corona virus. '

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