Sao Paolo (Reuters) In Brazil, the number of people affected by the corona virus is constantly increasing. Their number has reached 3477 here. At the same time, 93 people have died due to Corona virus. Despite this, President Jair Bolsonaro is strongly against lockdown in the country. He cares less for the lives of people, but the fear of a deterioration in the economy is getting more intense. His statement after the corona virus and the people who died of it is extremely embarrassing. He has said that people forgive him, but some people will die from it.

Let us tell you that along with the continuous increase of the corona virus, resentment between President Jair Bolsonaro and the Governors of the States is clearly visible. Let us also tell you that some states have declared lockdowns here. But on the other hand, the President is constantly telling people that they should return to their work because the economy of the country will collapse due to the lockdown. Not only this, he is not even accepting the formula of social distancing, ignoring the threat of corona virus, nor is advising people to do so.

Corona virus confirmed in a woman in Cambodia, hit the border "src ="

Corona virus confirmed in a woman in Cambodia, hard hitting the border

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This is when many countries, including the World Health Organization, have made strict rules to implement it. Not only this, many countries of the world have locked themselves here. However, Bolsonaro's thinking in this matter is very similar to the Prime Minister of America and Pakistan Imran Khan. This is because both of them have also refused to lockdown here.

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Let us also tell you that gradually the effect of corona is beginning to be seen on the economy here. Meanwhile, the President has made it clear that whatever happens, he will not lockdown the country. He even said that some people will die from it, but the economy cannot be closed for them. Not only this, he has raised doubts on the state governor about deaths due to corona virus in Sao Paulo. He has accused the governor that the death toll is being exaggerated. However, he did not present any evidence in support of his statement. Significantly, there has been a dispute between Bolsonaro and the Governors for a long time.

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Riot in Thailand jail due to rumors of corona virus spreading, many criminals break into jail

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It is worth noting that on the advice of health experts in Brazil, 26 Governors of the country have stopped non-commercial activities. This has been done to prevent the growing threat of corona. But the President's reply was very harsh on this too. He said that this is life, but because of this, the car factory cannot be closed. Let me also tell you that São Paulo is considered to be the backbone of the economy in the country. There have been 1,223 cases of corona positive here. Apart from this, 68 people have lost their lives here.

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North Korea tests two ballistic missiles at sea amid world epidemic

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He is also being subjected to criticism and opposition from the people for his tough stand. At present, people can be seen clearly dividing into two factions. One of these parties is hanging pots and pans outside the windows of their homes opposing the President. On the other hand, the President's support is supporting the President's policies by playing a horn on the streets.

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