Crash Course In Romance Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Fans of Crash Course in Romance are getting more and more excited for the highly-anticipated second season. After a successful first season, the show will be returning with fresh adventures, more activity, and more of the fan-favourite characters.

As the publish date gets closer, it’s time to talk about everything about the next season.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about when the second season of Crash Course in Romance will start, who will be in it, and what will happen. We’ll also keep you up to date on anything else that happens with the show.

With the show coming back soon, there’s no good time to catch up, and we’re here to help you with everything you need to know. So, let’s start learning about the upcoming season of Crash Course in Romance.

Crash Course In Romance Season 2 Release Date:

When could the second season of Crash Course in Romance come out?

Fans from all over the world can’t wait for the second season of the popular anime show Crash Course in Romance. The creators have said that they want the new season to come out in 2024, but there is no formal release date for it yet. Even though the accurate release date hasn’t been set yet.

Crash Course In Romance Season 2 Trailer Release:

The official trailer for the South Korean show Crash Course in Romance was posted on YouTube by the channel The Swoon. On the website of the OTT streaming giant, this romantic comedy series has a rating of U/A 13+.

There are 16 episodes in the series. The full trailer was uploaded to YouTube on January 4, 2023, and more than 233,00 people have watched it. tvN and Netflix are in charge of how they get to people.

Crash Course In Romance Season 2 Cast:

In Crash Course in Romance, Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho play the main roles. This k-drama features actors like Roh Yoon-seo, Oh Eui-shik, Lee Bong-ryun, Shin Jae-ha, Kim Da-huin, Jang Young-nam, Kim Sun-young, Hwang Bo-ra, Lee Min-jae, Heo Jeong-do, and Ji Il-joo. Yang Hee-seung is the person who wrote it. The person in charge is Yoo Je-won. “Crash Course in Romance” was made by the company Studio Dragon.

Jeon Do-yeon as Nam Haeng-Seon Jung Kyung-ho as Choi Chi-Yeol Lee Bong-ryun as Kim Young-Joo Oh Eui-Sik as Nam Jae-Woo Sin Jae-ha as Ji Dong-Hee Jang Young-Nam as Jang Seo-Jin Kim Sun-young as Jo Su-Hui Hwang Bo-ra as Lee Mi-Ok

Crash Course In Romance Season 2 Storyline:

Nam Haeng Sun used to play a number of sports at the national level. She owns a shop that offers side dishes at the moment. She always seems to be in a good mood, and she seems to have a lot of energy.

She decides to try something new and starts to work in the private school industry, which helps students prepare for their college entrance exam. Nam Haeng Sun had become engaged with Choi Chi Yeol out of the blue, which was a big surprise.

Choi Chi Yeol is a well-known teacher in the private school world. Ilta Instructor is another name for him (most popular instructor). He works very hard at what he does.

When he is teaching his students, he doesn’t hold back and uses showmanship in his lessons. Because he is so well-known, he has both a lot of money and a lot of fame.

Still, he has gotten the reputation of being touchy, irritable, and not caring about other people. Afterwards, he needs to meet Nam Haeng Sun, who always seems to be in a good mood and has a lot of energy.

As Nam Haeng Sun and Choi Chi Yeol get closer to each other, feelings of love start to grow between them.

The story of the show is all about a mom with a good heart. She owns a shop that sells snacks.

She joins the tough and competitive globe of private education too late and has to figure out how to get by in it.

Once her girl wanted to take a maths class from a well-known teacher. Nam Haeng-sun doesn’t let life’s problems change her mind, and she doesn’t make excuses. Choi Chi-yeol, on the other hand, is a vocal and famous hagwon instructor with great showmanship and great skills.

Nam Haeng Sun and Choi Chi Yeol meet once Nam Hae Yi asks Haeng Sun to put her in a private school. The trailer for Crash Course in Romance shows that they have a strange relationship.

As time goes on, it becomes clear that Chi Yeol likes Haeng Sun, but Haeng Sun doesn’t know how to respond to Chi Yeol’s advances.


The first season of Crash Course in Love story was a big hit with viewers. IMDb gave it 8.4 out of 10 stars, and Mydramalist gave it an 8.5. Critics have said that the show has a unique idea and tells stories in a good way.

People say that the animation style would be both fashionable and unique, and that the characters are well-made and that the music fits well. AMAZFEED gives Season 1 of Crash Course in Romance an 8.0 out of 10.


The show’s first season was chock-full of surprises that kept individuals out of their seats. As the story went on, viewers got to know interesting characters who formed realistic relationships that made them root for each character’s success or failure.

The production quality was excellent, with government visual effects and remarkable sound editing that helped viewers feel like they were in the story.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in the Second Season of Crash Course in Romance?

The highly anticipated second season of the highly lauded show Crash Course in Love story might have somewhere around 16 episodes, according to sources. Fans were concerned that the current episode might well be cut short because of lack of money, so this is good news for them. The people who made Crash Course in Romance are doing everything they can to make sure it has a high-stakes, action-packed plot with lots of twists and turns.

Where can you find the series Crash Course in Romance?

Looking for a location to observe the first season of a popular web sequence Crash Course in Romance? You’re lucky, then! The highly lauded show is now available to stream on Netflix. Netflix is a streaming service that you pay for and that focuses on Thai content.

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