Creed III, Michael B. Jordan: “I’ve been preparing for this movie for years”

The star of Without Remorse, Michael B. Jordan, will return as boxer Adonis Creed in the upcoming third installment of the saga, Creed III, with the actor also behind the camera for the first time. Jordan explained in an interview why he always felt that the third Creed film was perfect for his directorial debut.

“Adonis Creed is the only character he’ll be playing for the third time; it’s a world I know. I know the process of making these films. I know the character. And I have a clear vision of where I want the world to go. Everything is. it went well for me to be able to get behind the camera on this film so I’m running to meet you. And certainly a lot of knowledge and many pearls of wisdom and tips from everyone from the most recent Denzel [Washington], a Ryan [Coogler], David O. Russell, Ben Affleck and Stefano [Sollima]. I learned slowly. I’m a sponge, so I always learn from project to project, and everything is slowly preparing me for this moment “ Jordan said.

Michael B. Jordan will direct Creed III, his first film as a director. For years the actor said he was interested in directing, since the days of Black Panther with Ryan Coogler who during the filming of Next Stop Fruitvale Station:“I’ve always moved towards this goal. When you’ve been acting for twenty years I think that over time you start to evolve, your taste buds evolve too and you want to do something different. You want another challenge. You start craving an opinion and a perspective on how to tell stories. And the play is really, really important. Being so close to Ryan and watching someone my age who looks like me and did Next Stop Fruitvale Station really gave me the idea that I could too. to do”.

In the third chapter of the saga there will be a great lack; Sylvester Stallone will not star in Creed III, abandoning the role of Rocky Balboa.

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