Crisis could plunge Queen Elizabeth's Christmas into complete loneliness


Although so far, members of the royalty have not confirmed or denied the versions, apparently Queen Elizabeth is facing a difficult moment before the possibility of finding herself alone in the time most awaited by the British monarch.

According to recent reports, they assure that the monarch faces an unprecedented situation in her life, this after one of the most anticipated seasons for the royal to reunite with her loved ones might not happen this time.

According to details that have become known about the customs of British royalty, "Christmas" is one of the most anticipated times for the sovereign of England, as it is for many people, it is the only time capable of reuniting many families just as has happened for many years in hers.

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However, Isabel II He is faced with the dilemma that for the only occasion he will not be able to be in the company of his loved ones.

One of the strongest reasons they refer is the pandemic that has hit the world and in the face of the new outbreak from which the United Kingdom has not escaped perhaps many of the members of the "Windsor"Choose to avoid mass meetings.

A sad and lonely Christmas for Isabel?

The citizens still cannot believe that the monarch celebrates alone a date as special as "Christmas"However, rumors about this possibility are growing.

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The controversy has gotten stronger, first, as mentioned above, the coronavirus crisis is present again in the United Kingdom which represents a great danger for the greatest members of the royalty to expose themselves, Queen Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh with 94 and 99 years of age respectively.

On the other hand, the Prince harry and Meghan, who originally planned a trip to the United Kingdom, as it transpired a few months ago, canceled it momentarily and until today they have not changed their position, so perhaps there is the possibility that they will not spend Christmas with Queen Elizabeth and other members.

However, recently it was also known that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not meet either so as not to put the grandmother, the British sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II at risk, as recently disclosed.

In addition to this news, it is rumored that the royal couple made up of William and Kate could spend the dates with their children at the Anmer Hall country house, located in Norfolk, where they even starred in a recent session with their three young children and the visit of the naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

As for the queen's husband, Philip of Edinburgh, he is sheltered to safeguard his health, apparently in Sandringham, one of the queen's favorite places.

The monarch, Elizabeth II, had been constantly traveling between her properties in recent months to settle at Buckingham Palace to fulfill some commitments, which they pointed out, do not risk her health, so she continues her activities according to the rigorous established protocols so far. .

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Likewise, it was handled a few weeks ago that the monarch intended to travel with the service personnel who have been with her, however, the employees would not agree to accompany her to Sandringham as well and that this prevents being with their families.

A request that was reportedly flatly denied, although this measure has been analyzed so as not to put the monarch at risk, apparently did not add the expected support on this occasion, which as it was known would cause her great annoyance.

A tradition that seems to be lost after several years in which Sandringham was the meeting point, the place located in the county of Norkfolk to which the monarch moved with her entire family where the festive seasons passed, but now it seems that she must remain in Buckingham, where he would await the opinion of the members of his council who will make the best decision for the benefit of the monarch and its members.

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Until now everything remains in rumors, which are expected in the course of the following days the royals themselves will shed light on the decisions they will finally make.

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