Cuna de Lobos, the soap opera that no other has been able to overcome until its grand finale

Wolf Cradle was a phenomenon in the world of Mexican soap operas, the antagonist of history Maria Rubio, who gave life to Catherine Creel She was established as one of the insurmountable villains in the history of Mexican television.

The Mexican novel produced by Televisa and by Carlos Téllez was broadcast for the first time in 1986 by El Canal de las Estrellas de Televisa, written by Carlos Olmos and starring Gonzalo Vega and Diana Bracho, with the antagonistic performance of the first actress Maria Rubio and Alberto Estrella and the stellar performances of Rebecca Jones and Alejandro Camacho.

After a crime race, Catherine Creel It brought together all the loyal followers of history on June 5, 1987.

That day the streets looked deserted, thousands of people anxiously awaited to see the final destination that the great villain.

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Journalist Jacobo Zabludovsky as every night he started his newscast "24 Hours" and gave the first call to the end of the great story, the conclusion of Carlos Olmos about the success story.

Tonight, you can, and I too, sleep peacefully, Cuna de Lobos finished, today the terrible truth of a story that went from fiction to the front pages of the newspapers this midday was known, "he said.

According to the Excelsior newspaper, that night the novel registered 73 rating points. That night for the first time Catherine Creel at last shed tears, cornered by the police, she intends to flee from justice, taking her own life by taking a few drops of poison.

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The plans played a trick on him knowing that his son had fallen into the trap he had purposely planned against his stepson. "José Carlos"whom he had always despised and for whom he planned a plane crash that would ultimately cost the villain's son his life.

After five years have passed, Leonora, who had tried to recover his son, which was taken by Alejandro (Catalina's son), his wife (Vilma) and her own Katherine.

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After the death of the villains, Leonora remakes his life with José Carlos and the little one "Braulio"To whom Alejandro Larios" and "Vilma" had changed the name to "Edgar".

On a beautiful afternoon, the happy couple was at lunch and they talk about how well they did in changing the name of the little one "Braulio "he warned José Carlos.

For his part, Leonora she is calm believing that her son knows nothing of what happened, after deciding not to mention Katherine: "He thinks you are his dad," he says to José Carlos.

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Meanwhile, two children explore their grandmother's room, "Braulio"in the company of his younger brother, also called"José Carlos"and they begin to record the villain's things.

In a moment, the little one "Braulio"he is sitting in a chair looking at himself in the mirror, his younger brother, José Carlos, invites him to go eat, but suddenly" Braulio "turns around with one of the patches of"Catherine Creel"and he says," I am not 'Braulio', I am little Edgar. "

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At the bottom end of the screen, you could read the word END. The story ended after 170 chapters hinting that the "seed of evil" could germinate at some point, with it came an endless number of myths and speculations. However, there was no continuation of the story and this happened to be one of the mysteries best kept of the soap operas.


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