Curse falls on La Voz, a tragedy is expected, the loss of a life, says Mhoni Vidente


During one of her most recent videos, the clairvoyant explains the events that are about to happen, where someone from the entire production team that makes the musical talent show possible will be affected.

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The famous psychic, Mhoni Vidente, as we know, has released her long-awaited predictions for this July and says that there are many revelations, some good, some not so good, such is the case of this new prophecy, where she assures that the famous program will bathe in red.

It was through his new video of predictions on his YouTube channel that Mhoni Vidente lets us know what the future will hold in the Mexican entertainment and entertainment world, such is the case of the musical talent program: La Voz México, la seer ensures that terrible things are coming for this television show, specifically in minute 2.

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The woman's prediction affirms that all these terrible events will happen among the participants, the drivers, the artists involved, because the card that the tarot showed her indicates that there is something dark behind the program, from years ago, something so strong as if it were a curse, which will return soon and stronger than ever.

So he decided to give the coaches notice, mentioning them respectively "Belinda, Christian Nodal, María José, Ricardo Montaner, the drivers, the participants, the people who are there", asking that they take care of themselves because that black shadow wants to cover them, And this energy has an impressive and malignant force, greater than what I mentioned a few years ago.

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Likewise, he ends his prediction with the phrase "they have to do something to protect themselves", because otherwise, he already gave us the results.

This inevitably alarms the users who follow Mhoni and the coaches of the aforementioned program, and are now very concerned and dismayed at such a situation, and hope that this is no more than a simple warning.

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