curtain with Sarah Michelle Gellar on Instagram, and it’s immediately 1999!

A Selma Blair a very simple photo on Instagram was enough to bring us all back to 1999, when the film Cruel Intentions was released, in which she starred alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar e Ryan Philippe.

A hair wire, and it’s now Cecile Caldwell.

Selma Blair is 48 years old, but in this photo she looks 27, which is the same age she was when she came out to the cinema Cruel Intentions – First rule don’t fall in love, and his character in the film exchanged a kiss that would later become iconic with colleague Sarah Michelle Gellar.

So much so that the latter did not take long to comment under the post with a minimalist as well as explanatory “Secret Society“, recalling one of the most famous exchanges of the film:

Kathryn (SMG) “My advice is to sleep with as many people as possible“.

Cecile (SB): “But that would make me no good, right?“.

Kathryn: “Cecile, everyone does it. It’s just that nobody talks about it.”

Cecile: “So is it like a secret society?“.

And we certainly cannot fail to mention the intervention of Roger Kumble, the director of Cruel Intentions, who in another comment also quoted a line from the film, while censoring himself: “Close those legs, we’re not in … (I don’t want to be deleted, so I don’t write the country)“.

Don’t you feel like you’ve gone back in time?

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