Daisy Ridley knew of Rey's origins only in The Rise of Skywalker

In the end we all know how it turned out: Rey over the course of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker she turns out to be the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine and therefore belonging to a strong generation of beings skilled in the use of Force. In Episode VIII Kylo Ren lied about her origins, which is that she was nobody's daughter ...

The one exposed in the course of The Last Jedi it was a much more democratic theory which hinted that anyone could become powerful in the use of the Force and not just for example those belonging to the Skywalker or Palpatine families or who had an important Jedi lineage. This theory was then overturned in JJ Abrams' film and is an implicit testimony that the three films in the new sequel trilogy were not conceived upstream but developed from time to time.

Daisy Ridley herself in a chat with USA Today journalist and writer Sariah Wilson confirmed that she had not met the truth about Rey's origins up to The Rise of Skywalker: "I told Daisy Ridley how much she loved the theory that Rey was nobody, how Rey was so powerful on her own and how sad it was that they made her a Palpatine. Daisy replied that she too loved the fact that it came out of nowhere in the first two films: 'I was literally told it was nobody, so yeah I understand that perfectly. I understand.' For those not reading all of the previous tweets, she was told for the first two films that Rey was nobody".

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Returning to Ridley, the actress confirmed that she will not return to social media: "I have managed to separate my personal and professional life well, probably partly because I am not present on social media. I don't want to go back, even if I think about it sometimes. But the truth is, no, I'm not going back".


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