Dakota Johnson disclosed that her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, still lives with tigers and lions.

Tippi Hedren and her daughter Melanie Griffith with a lion, one of the 132 cats that the actress had as a pet / Shutterstock (5331373f)
Tippi Hedren and her daughter Melanie Griffith with a lion, one of the 132 cats that the actress had as a pet / Shutterstock (5331373f)

Dakota Johnson he said that Tippi Hedren He continues his love for animals and currently continues to live among lions and tigers. Hedren, 90, recognized for starring in "The Birds," the famous film by Alfred Hitchcock, still lives with these exotic animals. "Yes, it has 13 or 14 tigers and lions. There used to be 60 cats, and now there are only two, "explained the actress about her maternal grandmother in The Graham Norton Show.

The presenter of the show showed a famous photo from Life magazine of Melanie Griffith, mother of Dakota, taking a dip in the family pool with a lion named Neil.

During the interview, the protagonist of “50 shades of Grey’s” also shared the stage of growth with her mother and how close she was with these species during her childhood, at Hedren's house, who started rescuing animals in 1971.

Tippi Hedren (Shutterstock)

Tippi Hedren (Shutterstock)

“When I was born, they were all in big cages and it was much safer. He was not as psychopathic as when they started, ”Johnson said.

In 1969, the actress traveled to Mozambique to shoot “Satan’s Harvest”. On a break from filming she went out to tour the area with her husband Noel Marshall and found an abandoned house with 30 lions. Back in the United States, the couple decided to make a film to raise awareness about the feline and its danger of extinction. An animal trainer warned him, "If you want to know something about lions, you have to live with them for a while," and offered to adopt Neil, a lion he used in advertisements.

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Due to complaints from neighbors, Hedren had to move to a ranch outside of Los Angeles. Little by little other animals arrived. So to count 132.

With them they started filming Roar.. What was supposed to be five weeks of filming turned into five years. But that was not the worst. The animals were not accompanied by trainers or accustomed to living with people. During filming, no cats were injured, but 70 team members were.

Dakota Johnson with her grandmother, Tippi Hedren (Shutterstock)
Dakota Johnson with her grandmother, Tippi Hedren (Shutterstock)

Hedren recounted in his 1988 memoir that his daughter left the movie: "Mother, I don't want to come out of this with a half face." However, Griffith eventually returned to the set and ended up being attacked by a lion and received over 50 stitches. in your face.

The actress later confessed to having regretted putting the beasts at home, endangering the life of her daughter and the children of her then husband.

Melanie Griffith for the magazine
Melanie Griffith for "Life" magazine

Tippi fractured a leg after being thrown up into the air by an elephant and had a start of gangrene after another bite. Her husband had to be given 56 stitches after being bitten by a lion, but the cinematographer, Jan de BontHe had a worse time: he was bitten on his head and received more than 200 points.

Hedren, who divorced Noel Marshall in 1982, later admitted that "It was surprising that no one died" during filming.. Still, her continued interest in defending cats led her to create the Roar Foundation in 1983 to rescue exotic animals from zoos and circuses in Acton, California. It is also a great promoter of laws for animal rights in the United States Congress.

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Tippi Hedren with Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson
Tippi Hedren with Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson

At 90 with his granddaughter and daughter he starred in an advertisement for Gucci Jewels. Last year He opened his Instagram where he has thousands of followers.


The incredible life of the mother of Melanie Griffith, the woman who survived brutal sexual harassment and the clutches of 132 cats

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