Danna Paola premieres video of "Calla Tú", sends a strong message

Singer and actress Danna Paola recently released a new music video, it's about "Shut up you", song from her most recent album" KO ", a single with which she sent a strong message to her ex-boyfriend Eleazar, something that has created great controversy.

This week the singer Danna Paola premiered her new album "KO", which has a total of 11 songs written by the Mexican artist, including "Calla Tú", a single that recently premiered with a video musical.

There is no doubt that 2021 could not start in the best way for Danna Paola, since after months of work in production, last Thursday, January 14, he launched his new CD, "KO", which unfortunately leaked a few hours before the agreed date, however, the actress also rotated the internet and has become a trend in the different digital platforms of musical content.

This is how her first single is "Calla Tú", which has already been released in its video format, where we can see a Danna Paola, more sensual than ever, in a tight outfit, in red and black tones, like the design album art.

Just a few hours after the release of the music video, "Calla Tú", it already reaches more than 1.7 million views, 180 thousand likes and about 15,500 comments, on Danna Paola's official YouTube channel.

In fact Danna was recently interviewed by various entertainment media to promote her album, and that is how she pointed out that "KO" is about a catharsis for all the suffering she has felt for loving a person, and pointed out that the last blow, and celebrate the love.

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In addition, he commented that the songs are stories inspired by his own experience, and they are arranged chronologically, and in some way he shares his feelings with his followers, when he tells them how they broke his heart.

It gives me a lot of emotion to have written this song, I needed it, and I needed it to be something so precise and informative that today it could help us realize that IT IS NOT OK TO SHUT UP EVER, "he wrote on his official Instagram account.

He also commented that "Calla Tú" is one of the songs that has attracted the most attention to his followers, especially by women, who at some point in their lives have unfortunately suffered gender violence.

In fact, Danna Paola even commented on various programs that she has also suffered gender violence, since she has been discriminated against and seen with her own eyes, mach1smo in the music industry, that is why "Calla Tú" is a song that feminists have embraced very well.

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In the video, where the interpreter appears with a group of dancers while singing and following a choreography, she shows at the end an "I love you", written by phrases such as: useless, fragile, idiotic, crazy, hysterical, superficial, among other adjectives that They are used by men to refer to women.

It is worth mentioning that Danna Paola has been extremely active, promoting her musical album, and has revealed the success she has had on the platforms of YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Claro Música, among others, in addition to sharing photos of her and her album in Time Square In New York.

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As expected, his millions of fans around the world have warmly welcomed his fifth studio album, which he named “KO”, which includes songs like “Friend De Semana”, “No Bailes Sola”, "TQ Y YA" and "Me, Myself", which had already been revealed during the quarantine months last year and also achieving very good positions in the music popularity charts on digital platforms.

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