Danna Paola reveals that when she found Pablo it was too late


It was a few weeks ago that we found out that the singer Danna Paola She had finally found the man who inspired her in her song "Oye Pablo" and now I'm talking a little more about that day when they were reunited.

Danna Paola revealed that the man to whom she dedicated "Hey Pablo" appeared, however, apparently it is already too late because her feelings changed completely when she found out what was his custom to make girls fall in love.

As you may recall, the lyrics of the hit single by Danna Paola, "Oye Pablo", is inspired by a love story that the Mexican actress lived when she came to live in Madrid while she was recording the Spanish series "Elite".

The song came after Danna met a handsome man in Spain, however, it all turned out to be a complete disaster, as she mis-gave her number.

And that was how after two years of looking for him he finally found him and during the GQ magazine awards ceremony Danna revealed her long-awaited find after being awarded as the best Latin singer.

It's that I always do these things, but Pablo already showed up in case they had the earring, ”he said between laughter.

After that, the interpreter of "Nada" had not revealed more details about it, however, now she confessed what happened when she found this mysterious man.

As expected, this generated a stir on social networks, so Danna Paola He made a live through his Instagram account and pointed out that "it is too late" to start a romance with the Spanish boy who stole his heart.

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Although Danna could not see him face to face, it was her partner from the "Elite" series, Georgina Amorós, who informed her that she had met him at a party.

Georgina showed me the photos and when I saw them I said it's Pablo. I saw the photo and I said, I swear, he was more handsome in person… when I saw him I said yes, it's Pablo and I couldn't believe it, I swear to you that after two years I never imagined that this person would appear. We already know where he lives. This man does not have social networks ”, he declared to his followers.

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That was how he commented that surely he never found out that I had written a song for him and Danna she was left as alone as a mad hopeless romantic who had fallen in love with the man who stopped her on the street, asked for the phone and had given it wrong.

It is something that he and his friends usually do to stop girls on the street and get their numbers. So every time they went to Madrid, because he does live in London, they did that and they do that with all the girls who say 'oh how beautiful'. That happens. And then I was so intense I made the song for him ”, he added.

However, Danna Paola now thinks that it is too late to contact him as she is exhausted from having searched for him for a long time.

Hey Pablo too beats darling. After two years, really, if he knew that I looked for him which FBI, that I made him a song, that all of you helped me look for him and that it appears like that out of nowhere. Thank u, next, Pablo, if you're watching this I'm sorry darling, but that's enough, ”he said.

On the other hand, it was recently announced that the Mexican singer Danna Paola gave her opinion regarding Tini Stoessel, a world renowned Argentine singer.

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As you recall, the sodium interpreter became the third of the discord between Martina Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra, who ended their relationship without giving great details about it and that was how many of their fans immediately believed that the cause was the pandemic However, others assured that Danna Paola had to do with the matter.

Now, after so much controversy, Danna Paola He commented that he would like to have a collaboration with Tini Stoessel, clarifying that he does not consider her a rival as many have thought, he admitted that he admires her and considers her to be a truly talented artist.

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