Danna Paola thus reacts to questions in live transmission about Sebastián Yatra

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Danna Paola thus reacts to questions in live transmission about Sebastián Yatra (INSTAGRAM)

Danna Paola thus reacts to questions in live transmission about Sebastián Yatra | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Mexican singer and actress has been noted for being the third in disagreement in the already well-known break between Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stroessel.

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Danna Paola nervous, laughs and blushes when asked about Sebastián Yatra, during a live, when approached by her fans asking about Yatra, she was very nervous and evasive, with a suspicious smile, causing even more speculation of the alleged romance between the two. .

For what she spoke about the relationship she has with the Colombian, after she was singled out again for "interfering" with the relationship that the singer had with the Argentine interpreter Tini Stroessel.

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It was during a live broadcast that he made for his fans that the beautiful young woman promoted her new video “Contigo”, however, many users began to question her and ask her for clarification on the relationship she has with singer Sebastián Yatra, with whom she collaborated for said song, at which she was quite nervous and tried to avoid the subject as much as she could.

There were some who asked her, if she was attracted to the Colombian, but Danna preferred to continue avoiding the controversial topic, blushing and avoiding direct gaze at the camera at all costs, she did not answer and preferred to go to the next question.

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To which the singer after so many questions about it mentioned: "Oh God, this is very complicated, I should not have done this live, but well, I am doing it for my fans", implying that it was not expected in what absolute that there was so much noise with that subject.

However, the broadcast continued and as much as the singer tried to ski the insistent questions and the constant pressure caused by her fans forced her to look for other topics of conversation in order to avoid the answers. He ended up skipping each and every Yatra related question.

To end her live, the beautiful Mexican said that she is in a moment of the happiest in her life, because despite the isolation she remains positive and has been very happy.

However, we know that Danna Paola has recently been criticized by some Internet users after her name was mentioned as whoever was the cause of the breakup of Yatra and Stoessel, however, the actress preferred to issue a comment from her official Twitter in which she shows off as his iconic character from the Elite series.

However, fans of the relationship that ended continued to cast harsh criticism of Danna despite the fact that she has publicly and openly said that she did not want to get involved with the issue.

“We have been composing and talking recently. I am very happy, you have already seen it, we are creating something very cool. The truth is that for me Sebastián is someone that I admire a lot, we have known each other for a long time and it is very cool to be able to create music and share the passion for music as performers and authors. I am very excited! So be on the lookout, something is coming soon ”is the only thing that the interpreter of Bad Fame has commented on it.

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