Dave Grohl: How he lived the loss of his dear friend Kurt Cobain and the beginnings of Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl known for being the drummer for the iconic 90s band "Nirvana" and now for being the leader of the band Foo Fighters, he broke the silence by referring to one of the most difficult moments of his life: when his friend and partner musical took his life.

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He told how it was to lose Kurt Cobain and how he started writing the songs for his new musical project, his current band Foo Fighters, which he used as therapy, as it helped him psychically.

It was during a streaming in order to commemorate the anniversary of “This is a call” the first single by Foo Fighters where the musician dedicated some emotional words to remember his beginnings in Nirvana.

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He referred to that first stage as the leader of a musical project as a way of healing regarding the great pain caused by the terrible loss of his friend. He commented that most of the songs on that album have circulated since then, however, there are a couple of them that never did.

He also mentioned that "This Is a Call" is probably the song that had a different feeling, as it was a little more lively than the rest of his previous work, and especially after the loss of Cobain.

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"This Is A Call, it was a kind of renovation, or an awakening where I found the pleasure of playing and writing. So it is strange since you are at that moment and you are in a period of loss, pain and mourning, so you take an instrument and it all fades away, "added Grohl.

After the loss of Kurt, Dave traveled to the United Kingdom and moved away from music for a time, he mentioned that after his partner passed away, there was a period when everyone hid from the world and all their reality was overturned, The vocalist for Foo Fighters defined that stormy time as a moment of complete pain and suffering.

"I remember hanging out with Krist Novoselic to make sure he was okay. Then I took a trip to the UK. I don't know, I just drove around thinking. Eventually I started getting calls from people asking me to play drums with them or join another band, however, I couldn't see that happening at that time, "he concluded.


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