Davos, Agencies. US President Donald Trump has once again offered mediation on the Kashmir issue. He said that he has a close watch on the developments in India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue and he is ready to help if necessary. But Trump did not specify how he would help.

Can definitely help: Trump

Trump met Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. Prior to the meeting, the US President said, "Business is going to be very important .. And we are working together on some borders. We will also talk about Kashmir in the context of what is going on between India and Pakistan. If we can help, we will definitely help. '

Israel "src =" https://www.1.com/images/newimg/17042020/17_04_2020-benjamin_netanyahu_20198225_s.jpg in preparation for starting business activities between COVID-19

Israel preparing to start commercial activities between COVID-19

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At the same time, Imran Khan said, 'Of course the main issue is Afghanistan because it is a matter of concern for both America and Pakistan. We both want peace there and a smooth transition through dialogue with the Taliban and the government.

When US President Trump was asked if he would visit Pakistan in the coming time, he deferred the question directly and said that we (he and Imran Khan) are sitting together right now.

Trump has already given such a statement

It is known that even in August last year, Donald Trump had said that if India wishes, it is ready to mediate in Kashmir. However, after stern opposition from India, he said that India and Pakistan should resolve the matter bilaterally.

Significantly, this meeting of the two leaders has come at a time when tensions between Iran and America are at a peak and Imran wants to cooperate globally on Kashmir issue. Earlier, the two leaders also met in the United Nations General Assembly in September last year.

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