Dazzle BlackPink with Lovesick Girls' First Time with Jimmy Kimmel


Blackpink has made another exciting and impressive appearance on international television, this time it was the famous American program: “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, where the acclaimed K-pop girl quartet surprised the world with an exclusive performance from her most recent hit "Lovesick Girls", the lead single from her new musical production "The Album."

The group K-pop, continues with the promotion of their comeback with “The Album”, the girls have made several presentations in musical shows, interviews and more to talk about their musical production, last night, they had an appearance on one of the best known night shows, “The Tonight Show "where they performed their new song.

It all starts with the aforementioned presenter of the Program, making mention of the new album of the talented girls, putting it in front of the camera while taking it with his hand and showing the image of the cover, which is a beautiful crown illuminated with pink tones, while the background is black, being a great piece of content.

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Later one by one, the girls appear in different parts of the set that they put together to give their impressive show, a classic convertible car in pink tones, the ice cream section of a supermarket, a shooting area and a park bench are part of the incredible scenery.

This results in each of them taking their position on the stage, completely from behind and with the only lighting of their neon billboards with the words: "Black Pink" and "Lovesick Girls" and then the song begins.

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As we know, their delivery on stage is impeccable, they have let it be known in each of their presentations that they were born to do this, because in addition to singing their respective songs very well, they always show that they are excellent dancers.

In addition to wearing their unique outfits, as well as their hair in the style of each one, they can be seen very funny as they continue with their striking choreography, and suddenly their dancers enter to make their presentation even more impressive, and thus ends the song , making his emblematic sign of heart with his hands.

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Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose also had fun with the presenter through video chat while talking about meeting famous celebrities, and they also commented that “The Album”, which was released on October 2, is the first official full album from “Blackpink” since its debut in 2016.

This new work by Blackpink includes their mega-hit “How You Like That” which they released with a music video that broke records last June, this production also includes the collaborations of the K-pop group with international artists such as Selena Gómez, Lady Gaga , Ariana Grande and Cardi B.

Jimmy Kimmel questioned them about their last presentation at Coachella 2019, as it is one of the most important festivals in the country and they were the first K-pop artists to be part of the line up, he also questioned them about the artists they have been able to meet thanks to their great popularity.

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For their part, the talented members of the group also thanked the host for the invitation to their program, who joked about never having experienced an online interview and less with a Korean artist, although, due to the global health contingency, it is the only sure way to continue with these kinds of programs.

Finally, it should be noted that the band recently made history by becoming the first K-pop girl group at number 2 on the Billboard 200 and the official charts with their latest album, likewise, Lisa has just become an official ambassador for MAC, one of the most important beauty brands in the world.

The popularity of Blackpink increases with each new single released, to this day they have become one of the most listened to and recognized Korean artists around the globe, without a doubt they will achieve everything they set out to do.

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