Dead Still Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Will the second season of Dead Still get renewed? Keep up with us to learn more about the incredible show Dead Still in depth.

A historical drama, criminal thriller, and mysterious suspense series is called Dead Still. Six episodes make up the first season of the drama Dead Still.

It is a drama series on television that centers on Irish Canadians. The drama Dead Still debuted on CityTV (a broadcasting network) on May 15, 2020, and on Acorn TV (an American OTT service) on May 18, 2020.

The historical drama Dead Still from Acorn has among the most horrific characters and captivating stories ever! Viewers are unsatisfied about only one series and six episodes.

The delay of the release of the second season of the suspenseful and criminal drama series “Dead Still” led viewers to wonder whether the program will ever premiere. This page will provide more information on The Walking Dead season 2’s release.

Dead Still Season 2 Release Date:

Dead Still: The first episode of Season 1 will air on May 18, 2020. Fans were left eagerly awaiting Dead Still Season 2 on purpose by the program.

The next sequel has neither been postponed nor canceled, according to official sources. No information on the anticipated 2023 launch of the series has been made public, as the devoted fans had predicted.

The show’s producers ask that viewers hold off on sharing any significant news until they receive it.

Dead Still Season 2 Cast:

The show’s makers have not yet revealed the cast for Dead Still season 2. For Season 2, the whole cast will reprise their original roles.

The following is the projected cast for the series: –

The actor Michael Smiley, who portrayed Brock Blennerhasset,

Frederick Regan, a member of the Dublin Metropolitan Police, was portrayed by Aidan O’Hare.

  • Michael Smiley, who played the character Brock Blennerhasset,
  • Aidan O’Hare played the character Frederick Regan, who is an officer of the Dublin Metropolitan Police.
  • Eileen O’Higgins played the character Nancy Vickers. She is Brock’s niece and also an emerging actress.
  • Kerr Logan played the character Conall Malloy. He is Brock’s assistant.
  • Jimmy Smallhorne played Cecil Carruthers.
  • Mark Rendall played the character Percy Cummins.
  • Martin Donovan played the character Bushrod Whacker.
  • Aoife Duffin played the character Betty Regan.
  • Peter Campion played the character Henry Vickers.
  • Rhys Dunlop played the role of Ronnie Roper.
  • Fiona Bell played the character Abigail Vickers.
  • Gemma-Leah Devereux played Hanna Dubby.
  • Patrick FitzSymons played the character William Glendinning.
  • Jordanne Jones played the character Lily Molloy.
  • Laura Murray played the character of Eva Lambert, or The Ghost Queen.
  • Mary Murray played the character Aline Lambert.
  • Lynn Rafferty played the character Bessie Bulger.
  • Shane Lennon played the character Harry Farrelly.
  • Natalia Cooper played the character Vicenta.

Internationally renowned performers such as Martin Donovan, Jimmy Smallhorne, Mark Rendall, Peter Campion, and Eileen O’Higgins (Nancy) will be joining them.

Dead Still Season 2 Storyline:

Episode 6 of Dead Still drew to a conclusion with an abundance of emotion and even more questions. In the first scene of Dead Still Episode 6, Brock Blennerhassett expresses his fear of Connall and Nancy.

Finally, we see that he has even deeper embedded worries. Brock tries to keep Nancy and Connall safe by pushing them away.

It is also revealed that Percy, nicknamed John, an ex-assistant of Brock, was the serial murderer. Brock rejected John when he confessed his love to him, which caused John to go in the wrong road and become into a renowned serial murderer.

In order to free Nancy, who Percy & John had imprisoned, Brock sacrifices his life. In the subsequent conflict, Percy passed away, destroying Brock. Brock convinces him to let him snap a photo of Percy before they bury him.

We witness Brock, Nancy, & Molloy parting ways at the last scene. The first season of “Dead Still” reveals who was the killer is, but it also leaves many unanswered and withholds a great deal of data.

Brock is heartbroken by Henry’s loss and has a large list of deeply rooted fears. In order to protect Nancy from harm, he sends her home. However, she is horrified by this and vows to wreak vengeance on him for Henry’s demise.

We’re crossing our fingers for a reconciliation in season two. Another interesting place with terrible mysteries is the Hellfire Club.

To further the storyline, Regan and Brock could work together to solve more horrible murders. There are several possible storylines for Season 2 should it occur.

Brock Blennerhasset, a Dublin-based memorial photographer who lived in the 1880s who earns a career by shooting images of the deceased, is the main character of the play Dead Still.

Despite the possibility of change, his professional life is in freefall. As more individuals have access to cameras, memorial portraits are becoming less and less common.

A slew of brutal killings occur when Brock is already having trouble, endangering his professional as well as personal security. New memorial art was being produced by a serial murderer. He captures images of those who are passing away using his camera.

Where To Watch Dead Still Season 2?

It is difficult to specify the distribution channel for The Dead Still Season 2 since it has not yet been officially announced. However, AcornTV, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Vudu all have Dead Still Season 1.

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