Debts and a sad ending? Don Ramón del Chavo del 8 would live

Despite the fact that several years have passed since the series of "El Chavo del 8" reached the end of its broadcasts, its characters have managed to cross the time barrier, one of those that stole the hearts of viewers was "Mr Ramon".

The character played by the famous actor Ramon Valdes, one of the tenants of the popular neighborhood of "Chavo del 8", that man who always wore washed out shirts, torn pants, in addition, a hat that ended up trampled victim of the courage of the father of" Chilindrina ".

The platonic love of the "Witch of 71" or Doña Clotilde, who always passed by hiding from Doña Florinda or the "Señor Barriga", "Don Ramón" the character who immortalized Ramón Valdés, the actor who in the fiction of the story embodied to a very humble man who did not even have to pay the rent, however, which would not be far from what was his reality at one point.

According to versions that have emerged, the famous comedian did not have to try very hard to play his character, the simple clothing he wore on set was the same one he brought from home. "It was his usual clothes", jeans, blue jeans and tennis shoes.

Even the cap that he used during his performances was an article that at the end of each scene, the actor wore it after the recordings, although this ended up being in other hands.

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However, the wardrobe manager always had to deal with the surprise that "Monchito" as "Doña Clotilde" called him arrived without his hat because he ended up giving it to one of the boys who was in the street and with whom he stopped to play or sign autographs, and more than one used to win the grand prize. A memory of your character.

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The life of Don Ramón

He is famous for phrases such as "With permission, Monchito said", "If you will be, if you will be!", And many others that were more improvised by the actor, without having been included in the script, outside of fiction Ramón Valdés "had many debts, "and even had no money to pay the rent, he says in a video.

Even with this, he would have to work very hard, in life Ramón Valdés had 10 children with three different partners, which led him to work in various trades: He was a merchant, made wooden furniture and worked as a driver, among other occupations. And when the end of the month came, he would not be able to complete the expenses and it was his brothers, Rosalía or Tin Tan who helped him by lending him money.

Ramón Valdés was born on September 2, 1923 in Mexico City, in total he had 9 siblings, however, most only know "Tin Tan", "El Loco Valdés" and Antonio "Ratón" Valdés.

His destiny changed when in 1971, Roberto Gómez Bolaños summoned him to a program called Los supergenios de la Mesa Cuadrada (he was the Ingeniebrio Ramón Valdés). By then he was 47 years old and was already starring in his debut on the small screen, but his film career was made up of 70 films! In several of them he worked with Cantinflas and with his famous brother Germán "Tin Tan" Valdés.

After spending several years in the production together with Roberto Gómez Bolaños and the decisions that led to his departure, Valdés decided to try his luck with Quico, however, the projects did not have the expected success. He tried his luck on Venezuelan television, and even acted alongside Luis Miguel in a video and returned in 1987 with Carlos Villagrán in "Ah! Que Kiko", however, this only lasted a short time on air.

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Its sad end

For that year, Ramón Valdés was facing a very deteriorated state of health, the cigarette had caused serious consequences, a stomach cancer for which he was operated, even with this and despite the pleas of the doctors, Valdés managed to smoke in your hospital room.

The tumor was expanding and causing serious damage to other areas of the body, which would lead to a cruel diagnosis by giving him only six months to live. Even with this, the remembered "rorro" defied the forecasts and left four years later.

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It was on August 8, 1988 when Ramón Valdés left at the age of 64 in the midst of a great commotion and the despair of his closest relatives. A woman cried inconsolably next to the coffin, Angelines Fernández, the character of "Doña Clotilde", both were great friends and they always maintained an excellent relationship on and off the set, which even led them to be romantically linked.


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