Demi Rose is overcome wearing only a white jacket and high boots


Has been the british model Demi Rose who has once again stolen sighs from millions of gentlemen and surely from one or another lady, thanks to her new publication where she appears wearing a white jacket and a pair of boots that we have rarely seen.

On Instagram, the 25-year-old young model has captivated her followers for years, who every day increase a little more, surpassing, although by little, other well-known models such as Joselyn cano and Anastasia Kvikto that despite the fact that they are on his heels, they cannot reach her.

Since you opened your account Instagram To date, his fans have not stopped increasing, his first photographs (he already has more than a thousand) have not changed so much compared to the most recent ones, he has always maintained a kind of line between his photographs and videos, although we have to accept that the photos in little clothes has become more frequent.

Continuously, the model originally from Birmingham, United Kingdom launches content on her social networks, although it is on Instagram where she leaves her fans stunned because on Twitter there are more posts in text and shared content from other accounts than Demi Rose tends to do.

Four hours ago that content was uploaded, the boots she is wearing had already been worn, do you remember when she shared an outfit as a complete rebel Geisha? She was wearing the same boots, the outfit was mostly denim itself that looked pretty on her figure.

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The interesting thing about this footwear are the figures that it has printed, you may have heard at some point in your life about the h3ntai, this Japanese word translated means p3rv3rtido or p3rversi0n, it is used a lot in eastern culture more specifically with anime, cartoons of women mostly without any garment, such as the characters that appear on the model's boots, although we have to say that they are not completely pr0vocative.


If you want to see the photographs, click on the following LINK, the third snapshot will surely attract your attention.

Although she is wearing underwear! Or this is a fixed lace and above all tiny, the one who takes center stage in the publication is her white jacket, which despite covering a large part of the model's body is undoubtedly one one of the most s3xys outfits that she has worn to date, not because of the fact that it is covered, precisely because of this because the parts that can be seen are really atr @ ct! vas.

This is why it may be difficult to overcome it, in addition to the fact that lately he has been sharing more content, he never ceases to surprise, he always finds a way to attract the attention of those who walk through his Instagram.

Something that also draws the attention of Internet users is the fact that in reality very little is known about her life, outside of her videos and photographs showing her curves, there is little information about the model.

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There have also been few interviews in which we have seen her, the information that is known is that she studied a degree in health and beauty, she lives in Miami, Florida, the United States has a pet dog that she adores, she speaks Spanish quite fluently because her family is of Colombian descent.

Although this information does not interest his millions of followers much, there are those who wonder a little more about his life and his tastes.

If only you get better and better "" Those boots. A dream "," You are a dream come true ", are some of the comments he received.

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