Demi Rose showed off her full body wearing her tight Geisha-like outfit on Instagram

The famous British model, Demi Rose, selected her best photography with her Geisha type outfit, because although she cannot go out to show off her beauty and although she had boasted it in stories, today she uploaded the final photo.

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This set is one of his favorites, as he wanted to rescue Japanese culture, with which he complemented his appearance with "chongos", looking super pretty.

This is her last publication on her official account, where her fans came to admire her beauty, gathering more than 430 thousand "likes" and thousands of comments where they compliment her and comment on some quite creative compliments.

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In recent days Demi has been various wardrobes, because she wants to choose the best ones to continue taking photos, since she misses being able to travel and how she looked in past months, so she has also shared good content in her stories.

In recent weeks, the beautiful model has only been able to be inside her home, spending time with her puppy and taking a little more daring photos, with which she has wanted to turn on her fans, however, the young woman greatly misses the being able to go out and take pictures in beautiful places, since it is one of his favorite things.

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Rose has expressed the great anger she feels about this current situation, because she used to spend her time traveling and promoting various places and mainly taking photo shoots in the most exotic places possible.

As we touch on the subject we explain what geisha are: they stand out for their mastery of various types of art, which are generally traditional dances, usually the fan, singing, literature, poetry, flower arrangements and playing traditional instruments. Geisha are also experts in the art of conversation and must have a great general culture.

Although Demi is not officially one of them, it is worth mentioning that they are custodians of Japanese culture and traditions. Today they are still highly respected and their loyal customers continue to spend astronomical amounts of money to enjoy their company, usually in the ochaya, the tea houses.

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