Deseret Tavares warns, pandemic will increase, new virus will arrive, and a tremor in CDMX


The seer of the show Deseret Tavares and one of the most recognized in Latin America, issues a strong warning to humanity and according to her predictions reveal that humanity should not lower its guard since the Covid-19 It will resurface, and adds it will not be the only one since next 2021 a stronger one will emerge.

The famous seer He has surprised us with the certainty of his predictions and for several months he has shared with us the information of the stars about what the future holds for us.

Unfortunately, the news he gave on this occasion is not so encouraging, since now, with the return of the "new normal", he pointed out that the presence of the virus will not be absent from our lives and we could face a new wave.

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However it was not the only creepy thing as it also reveals that next year we would be facing a new virus even stronger.

I see the pandemic closing, I see another virus that will hit us harder and I think another virus will start next year. ”

It was through the program "Venga la Alegría" where the astrologer revealed to the audience chilling predictions that remain of this 2020.

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It should be said that after the world has faced such a difficult and unexpected year, humanity would hope that this year will end very soon and finally continue with a relatively normal life, although for many persons with a different perspective.

But unfortunately, Deseret not only predicts a new wave of Covid-19 but also other catastrophes for Mexico.

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Predicts strong earthquake in CDMX

The seer of Colombian origin revealed that a earthquake stronger will shake the CDMX, which could cause the fall of the Angel of Independence.

The tremor that I saw for Mexico City was falling. The Angel of Independence, I see in the coming months a stronger tremor.

If the prediction of the seer If this were to be fulfilled, it would be a period of the next few months.

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Also, among other of its predictions, He announced that he did not see a good economic outlook for Mexico, he points out there will be a serious problem in the economy, a food problem followed by a money crisis at the end of the year, he says.

Life is teaching us to seek information within us and detach ourselves from things, this time is for us to seek light and wisdom within us.

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Finally, he provided one of the scenarios related to the president of U.S from whom he assured will win the elections and according to the reading of letters, he visualizes a very strong scandal, but later a great surprise on his part would win people's hearts, but on the other hand, he still sees his life at risk for a attempt.

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