Details on the progress of Martin Scorsese from Joker and Joaquin Phoenix wanted false credit shots


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We take a relative pause of the statements of those involved in "Joker" to pick up an article published in The Hollywood Reporter in which they try to shed light on the role of Martin Scorsese in the tape of Todd Phillips.

When the project was announced in 2017, it was said that the famous and renowned director was going to act as producer of the project, but finally his name has not appeared in the final credits and instead Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Scorsese's production partner appears.

Scorsese's agent has confirmed that the filmmaker “I had only considered producing" and he had never put the story of Arthur Fleck in the spotlight as one of the other projects to direct, something confirmed by THR sources. Finally, Scorsese's march was due to the interest he acquired "The Irishman", his next and ambitious project for Netflix.

With regard to the study, the portal states that it was Toby Emmerich, now chief executive of the Warner Bros. film section, who proposed the idea that it be out of continuity and kick off a new line of darker films (although in the past Todd Phillips has been awarded both). By giving the green light to the project, Jared Leto felt angry about it, because he had only had one chance to play the character in “Suicide Squad”.

Whatever happened, the film has already been released in cinemas achieving great success and yesterday Tuesday the film raised 12 million in the domestic market, 3 more compared to Monday. This creates good expectations for your second weekend. Speaking of the movie itself, Todd Phillips has uncovered that Joaquin Phoenix tried adding fake shots during the credits (nothing of a post-credits scene) but, as you will know those who have seen the movie, it is not something that happens:

The idea of ​​a post-credits scene for this movie seemed bad, and too light for me. It's not something I would have done but Joaquin told me it would be fun to put fake shots while we see the names as it used to be.

We close by commenting that the movie got a $ 13.9 million box office yesterday Tuesday in the United States, beating the box office record for a Tuesday in October that had "Venom" (8.2 million) and raising the domestic locker up to 119.8 million dollars.

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