Devils’ Line Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Devils’ Line Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Devils’ Line (also known as Debiruzu Rain in Japanese) is a dark fantasy the manga series written and illustrated by Ryo Hanada. It was serialized in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine Monthly Morning Two from March 2013 to December 2018.

The rights to distribute the manga in English in North America belong to Vertical. The anime television series adaption by Platinum Vision aired on television from April to June 2018.

2018 saw the debut of “Devils’ Line’s” 12-episode first season. The program had a small audience when it originally debuted, but once “Devils’ Line” was shown on Hulu as well as other international networks, the audience for the program greatly rose. After three years, fans are interested in learning what happens to Anzai & Tsukasa going ahead.

Devils’ Line Season 2 Release Date:

When will the second season be released is the most frequent question from viewers. We apologize for not having positive news to share.

No one associated with this anime series, including the animation studio Platinum Vision, manga publisher Kodansha, or any other cast member, has announced the continuation of season 2.

But the cancellation of the performance is not also mentioned. No one has made an official statement, but we looked into everything based on what we do know.

When it will be renewed, a release date for Devil’s Lines the second season is specified. After that, when will the squad member be taken into consideration for a second season? Season 2 won’t be released for at least two years or more. So, we’re simply going to assume that season 2 of Devil Line will premiere around 2024.

Devils’ Line Season 2 Trailer Release:

There hasn’t been a new season 2 trailer released yet, and we haven’t discovered any official season 2 announcements. However, you may see the trailer for the previous season on YouTube.

Devils’ Line Season 2 Cast:

  • Yūki Anzai
  • Tsukasa Taira
  • Hans Lee
  • Takashi Sawazaki
  • Juliana Lloyd
  • Kirio Kikuhara
  • Takeshi Makimura
  • Nanako Tenjō
  • Kenichi Yoshii
  • Yōsuke Asami
  • Naoya Ushio
  • Megumi Ishimaru
  • Midori Anzai
  • Tamaki Anzai

Devils’ Line Season 2 Storyline:

The story will pick up where the first season leaves off. The fact that Anzai couldn’t be with Tsukasa despite his love for her eventually became apparent. Our primary character, Anzai, tries to keep his identity a secret.

Being a vampire, he feels the desire to drink human blood. Blood is spilt as Tsukasa tries for making sense of her brand-new, ardent urges for Anzai. Anzai, who has been put on hold, searches for safety alongside Tsukasa. The police are now looking for a missing murder suspect.

A sharpshooter wants to get revenge. A passing half-devil who just so happens to be other random half-devil gives Anzai a taste of blood. He is torn between his love for Anzai and his inability to get near to her due to the risk of injury.

Additionally, the anime beautifully depicts his struggles since as a detective, he often deals with corpses. Devils throughout the Kanto Region were transformed after seeing a slasher attack aired live on television. Tsukasa suggests a novel strategy to prolong Anzai’s life.

It is brought up that Tsukasa and Anzai were buddies. Anzai is called back into service to deal with a catastrophe while learning to accept his demon tendencies.

Then he ended their connection so that Tsukasa would stand up for her. But it causes them both problems. Anzai tries to maintain a safe distance from Tsukasa while she is being held hostage by a demon hunter.

Tsukasa queries Anzai about their relationship after finding himself in a perilous situation. Would Anzai be able to control his want for blood if he were to be in an affair with her? Operations inside the police force are hindered when Lieutenant Ishimaru assumes leadership as the new F Squad commander.

Anzai’s ability to control his transformation is pushed to the ultimate test when he is confronted by a person from the past who is seeking payback.

The police force is put in a hazardous situation as Lieutenant Ishimaru issues a deployment ban on demons within the CCC. Tsukasa is willing to face any threat in order to preserve Anzai. Anzai learns more about his past as he heals from his injuries.

There are plenty other manga storylines to discover in Devil’s Line the anime. After Tsukasa & Anzai split up, the following season would start, with the two attempting to avoid one another for their own security.

They ultimately find themselves attracted back to one another by love and circumstance. Since Anzai is no longer a detective, both anti-vampire people and the vampires he previously encountered via his job now want retribution on him. Anzai has numerous adversaries since both humans & vampires have doubts about his commitment.

New episodes would also focus on Anzai’s attempt to comprehend how and why he changes as well as Tsukasa control. He will feel less alone once he learns that there are other hybrids much like him in various weird situations.

Despite their efforts to remain apart for their own benefit, the two continue to grow more in love with one another, and soon they are back together.

Fans of “Devils’ Line” will appreciate how much more material is covered in the anime version. Devils’ Line Season 2 would start with Tsukasa & Anzai having broken up and attempting to stay away from each other for their safety after the events of Season 1’s conclusion. Sadly, events and love eventually drew them back together.

Anzai is likely to be pursued by anti-vampire humans as well as vengeful vampires now that he is no longer a detective. Due to his hybrid status, Anzai has several enemies, which causes both vampires and humans to question his loyalties.

Devils’ Line Season 2 Rating:

From over 3000 votes, Devil Line received an average score of 6.9 out of 10. Additionally, the series has a 6.78 score out of 10 rating on

Due to its excellent storyline and execution, the whole series has achieved good and ideal reviews on all review aggregation websites. And it’s definitely worthwhile to see!

Where To Watch Devils’ Line Season 2?

You can see it online on Hulu & Hive if you want to. Season 1 of The Devil’s Lines is also accessible on Netflix, and perhaps season 2 will follow.

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