Did you take a bad step? Itatí Cantoral almost ended up in the hospital


Accidents happen and this time it was the turn of the actress Itatí Cantoral who after a mishap almost led her to require medical attention.

The famous actress was in the middle of the recording set of her latest project when a misstep made her reach the ground so she had to be helped by the production team.

Today the artist who stars in the telenovela "La Mexicana y el Güero" was recording some of the scenes at the time of the accident, the remembered television villain recorded a video in which she wore a fabulous golden dress that was tight to the body and to it had to walk in gardens which were part of the recording set.

How on the red carpet, the Mexican interpreter began to walk without turning her gaze towards her steps, so at one point she stepped badly and fell to the ground.

Not always everything is perfect !!! Hahaha "she wrote next to the video, where it is appreciated that she is helped by the recording team.

Itatí was walking like a diva, however, when she stepped on the garden with high heels, they would make her lose her balance, taking her almost to the ground, fortunately almost immediately she tried to rejoin.

Moments later he shared a photograph where he meets some of his collaborators in the novel and crutches appear in the background, which would be a possible sign that the histrionic had been seriously injured.

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"He snatches the laughter from his fans"

Immediately after sharing the moment on her Instagram account, the publication was flooded with various reactions and comments in which some of the users pointed out that the actress would have faked the fall while others highlighted the beauty she looks and the attitude of trying to improvise during your incident.

Hahahaha even falling you're a diva, 'I say it was a faked fall of another level, what does the public say? Hahaha ',' Of course not beautiful, but you already look very beautiful and I am still surprised how your image and personality have changed, I hope all women will achieve it, blessings'.

Itatí Cantoral Zucci, daughter of the late composer Roberto Cantoral, is an actress who is preceded by a great career since she emerged from the ranks of the CEA, after participating in her first television program called "La telamala".

Since then he forged a career transforming into several melodramas in which he collaborated with famous figures of the medium such as Thalía, Fernando Colunga, María Sorté, Biby Gaytán, Alfredo Adame, Eduardo Palomo, Maribel Guardia, Eduardo Santamarina, Carmen Salinas, Edith González among many others.

Through various stories, the histrionic has given life to several characters and one of those that would have represented one of the greatest challenges in her career was playing the first actress Silvia Pinal in "Frente a ti", and previously she would have acted in the series "José José: The Prince of the Song", giving life to his former wife, "Kiki Herrera Calles".

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However, it was the Antarctic character in "María la del Barrio" as "Soraya Montenegro" who consecrated her in the world of telenovelas in Mexico and much of Latin America.

Even to this day, any memory that evokes his participation in this novel continues to generate various reactions, such as the most recent video he made with Thalía, a moment in which they remembered his time in "Maria la del Barrio" and the lessons she gave to the evil Soraya, which was a sensation among the fans after the two artists shared it through their Instagram accounts.

You can also read ¡Se disgreñan !, Thalía and Itatí Cantoral face to face on Tiktok

The actress, now 45 years old, continues to achieve success and undertake new projects in the world of television where she has built a career of more than 20 years.

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