Diego Dreyfus speaks about the Chicharito and Sarah Kohan affair

The life coach, Diego Dreyfus, of the famous Mexican soccer player, known worldwide as "Chicharito" Hernández recently had an intense question and answer session in which he revealed what the public needs to know about this media separation.

While there are strong rumors that the footballer coach is the one who is involved in the matter, thanks to this intense question session conducted live from his profile on Instagram, Dreyfus implied that he is not the third party in contention between Javier “Chicharito” Hernández and the beautiful Australian model, Sarah Kohan.

We know well that, since the strong rumors of the couple's separation came to light, every day the rumors that affirm the break between the soccer player Javier “Chicharito” Hernández and his wife are gaining strength. Sarah kohanWell, so far none of those involved had wanted to say anything about it.

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It should be remembered that one of the versions, most repeated among Internet users and the media, is that the main cause of the termination of their relationship is an alleged infidelity on the part of the Australian with Diego dreyfus, who, we all know is a soccer player's life coach.

And, almost a month after the alleged information circulated that the footballer and Sarah no longer live or are together, the speaker broke the silence in this regard, during one of the dynamics most liked by Internet users, that's right, it was of a live broadcast that he made with all his followers.

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Many entertaining topics were discussed, however, as expected, the most repeated questions were those that revolved around the separation of the footballer with the model, so it could be seen that one of the most prominent comments was: "Because of you" Chicharito "separates from his wife ...".

Obviously, this upset the coach, so practically immediately, Dreyfus began to respond with the following words: “Ah, no ma% &… Neta? What the hell they have those absolute truths that I don't even know! Imagine, not ma% & /… "
In this way, it was that, thanks to the negative reaction, in terms of his facial gestures, tone of voice and the message issued, from the famous life coach, it was implied that at least this rumor is totally and completely false.

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The questions about it continued, but Dreyfus decided to ignore it and ended the issue, although, users on different social networks continued to make comments regarding the media issue of the separation of the famous couple.

In addition, it can be noted that while he was in his transmission, there were many users who fully supported Diego, and as expected, there were those who were dedicated to criticizing the attitude he took, to ignore those who asked him questions about the topic.

It is worth mentioning that this question and answer session occurred hours after Sarah Kohan published a photo on Instagram in which she appears, as usual, with few clothes, and almost simultaneously, “Chicharito” posted photos of her training In which he appears again accompanied by Diego, thus confirming his friendship with the one who has been designated as the third party in contention in their relationship.

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Sarah Kohan and Javier Hernández have been married for two years and have two children in common, Noah, who is two years old, and Nala, who is only three months old, who was born in October, just in the month in which the whole matter regarding their separation began. .


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