digital cinema also has dignity

The preference of Quentin Tarantino in continuing to shoot all her films on film is known to all, even if in recent years there have been films made in digital of absolute importance and able to stand alongside those produced with the old method. Now the cinematographer of Nomadland has its say on digital cinema.

In a recent interview with The New Yorker, Joshua James Richards - director of photography for Nomadland, responded to Tarantino's ravings about digital cinema. In fact, he had said that "the fact that most of the films are not presented in 35mm means that the world is lost. Digital projections are just television in the cinema".

Obviously Richards is far from agreeing with this opinion: "Tarantino says that digital is the death of cinema. Fuck it, man. Chloe [Zhao, la regista di Nomadland] she couldn't get funding because she is a Chinese woman. With digital we can make our films for a few thousand dollars to a level where they can be shown in the cinemaRichards has been collaborating with Chloe Zhao since the director's debut in Songs My Brother Taught Me, shot with a cast of non-professionals and the product of her thesis at New York University. And Richards is also the director of photography for the the director's next film, Marvel Studios' long-awaited cinecomic The Eternals, a $ 200 million budget film.

"On the set I'm the guy who controls the lights change and you watch that all day and I did it for three movies, you watch it and you watch the change and you get anxious"You can read the full interview in the New Yorker.

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Meanwhile, the Marvel seems very impressed with The Eternals di Chloe Zhao. According to the director, Marvel Studios took a risk with her cinecomic. Nomadland won Best Picture at the 2021 Golden Globes.


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