Dimension W Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Japanese manga series Dimension W was developed, written, and illustrated by Yji Iwahara. It appeared in Square Enix’s seinen manga publication Young Gangan from September 2011 to November 2015, then from December 2015 to June 2019 it appeared in Monthly Big Gangan. The distributor in North America is Yen Press. The anime adaptation of the show ran from January to March of 2016.

Kyouma Mabuchi, an auto mechanic fanatic, and Mira Yurizaki, a robot girl, are featured in the novel as “collectors,” bounty hunters tasked with locating illegal coils, lethal devices that may be used to tap into the power of other worlds.

They begin to learn the truth about New Tesla Energy, a multinational supplier of the world’s electrical supply, as they reluctantly band together to achieve this goal.

Dimension W Season 2 Release Date:

The first episode of the series aired on January 10 and it ended on March 27. With over 12 episodes and more stories, the series was finished.

Now is the end of the first manga. The time is 2019 June 25. Reading at this, it is evident that the writers have several different narratives for the forthcoming versions in the works.

Fans are anticipating it with bated breath, and we are excited to provide good news. Yet, no official confirmation has been given.

You ought to learn some fantastic news before the end of next year, at the absolute least, given that the manga was recently released and that the series has a sizable fan base.

Dimension W Season 2 Trailer Release:

The second season of Dimension W does not have an official teaser video. The first season trailer is available to see in the video below.

Dimension W Season 2 Cast:

The performers whose voices can be heard in a series make up the show’s cast:

  • Reina Ueda, whose voice belongs to Mira Yurisaki,
  • Daisuke Ono, presenting Kyoma Mabuchi;
  • Kimiko Sait, whose character is Mary;
  • Takaya Hashi, acting as Shido Yurizaki ;
  • Takako Honda, presenting Seira Yurizaki,

Dimension W Season 2 Storyline:

In the year 2036, a fourth-dimensional axis called Dimension W is found. Dimension W has an infinite supply of power, and coils, which are cross-dimensional inductive electromagnetic gadgets, were developed to access it.

To stabilize Dimension W power and provide energy to the whole planet, New Tesla Energy and the government built sixty enormous towers throughout the globe in the form of a truncated icosahedron.

This “global system” is in its tenth year of operation when the book begins in 2072, and coils of different sizes provide remote electrical energy to anything from cellphones to cars to robots.

Unregistered coils are being used for unlawful operations since they don’t feed data back to New Tesla Energy.

The bounty collectors known as “collectors” seize the illegal coils. A coil-hating pariah named Kyouma Mabuchi finds Mira Yurizaki, the gynoid “daughter” of New Tesla Energy’s mentally ill founder, among the collectors.

After her father vanishes while triggering an experimental double-ringed coil, Mira decides to go with a reluctant Kyouma and pursue the illegal coils, discovering illicit relationships with New Tesla Energy in the process.

Dimension W, a fourth-dimensional axis, is shown to exist in the year 2036. Coils, or cross-dimensional electromagnetic induction devices, were created to extract the limitless energy that exists in Dimension W.

To stabilize the energy from Dimension W and provide electricity to the whole planet, governments and Tesla Energy constructed sixty enormous towers across the globe in the shape of a truncated icosahedron.

As the story opens in 2072, this “world system” is approaching its tenth year of operation, and coils of different sizes supply remote electricity to all that from cell phones to vehicles and robots.

However, risky unregistered coils that don’t communicate with New Tesla Energy have been applied for illegal activities. The duty of seizing the illicit coils falls to bounty hunters called as “collectors”.

Kyouma Mabuchi, a coil-hating recluse who sometimes runs with Mira Yurizaki, the gynoid “daughter” of New Tesla Energy’s sick intellectual creator, is one of the collectors.

When her father vanishes while operating an experimental double-ringed coil, Mira makes the decision to follow the illegal coils with Kyouma, despite his reluctance, and in the process learns about shady dealings involving New Tesla Energy.

The series is set in 2072. The globe now relies on a brand-new alternative to fossil fuels that gets its power from unique coils with a powerful electric field.

Due to the fact that it does not fit inside the typical boundaries of X, Y, and Z, this energy is really in the fourth dimension.

However, as these coils are used more widely in the real world, the police are unable to keep track of them all.

The success of the anime may be attributed to the producers’ ability to effectively communicate the concept to the viewer.

For its unique art style and storyline, the anime’s first season won high praise from critics. It received approval from the audience as well.

Because of this, everyone believed that Studio 3Hz and The orange would eventually renew it for a second season after the first season concluded.

This, however, did not take place. Season 2 of Dimension W has not been postponed or canceled. Supporters continue to hold out hope that the creators may restart it at some point in the future.

Throughout these four years, there were many rumors that the anime would return. None of them, however, turned out to be accurate.

The series’ fate has not yet been addressed by the administration. Everyone was shocked when Dimension W wasn’t instantly extended for another season because of how well-liked it is. Supporters shouldn’t lose up however since there’s still a chance it might come back.

Dimension W Season 2 Rating:

Dimension W scored 7.1/10 on IMDB, which is not an excellent rating. The next season’s release date has not yet been specified by the creators, but if all goes according to plan, the program will likely return to screens throughout the globe with a debut this year.

Keep checking back to get the most recent information on when the next season of the anime will begin.

Where To Watch Dimension W Season 2?

Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Funimation all have the anime accessible. Why are you holding out? Now watch it yourself!

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