discover the fantastic theory about magical powers and Horcruxes

As all Harry Potter fans will know, first in the books and then in their respective film transpositions, the Boy Who Lived is told and shown accidentally performing dark magic, but if in truth those events were attributable to the Horcrux inside him, tied to his soul?

The first concrete manifestation of Harry’s magic happens at the zoo, when he accidentally removes the glass from a snake’s enclosure and wandless, but there are other examples of almost spontaneous magic that seems to act without the will of the scared wizard. Before the events of The Philosopher’s Stone, for example, it is confirmed in the books that Harry once he turned a Muggle’s wig to blue or when he suddenly finds himself on the roof while being chased by the Dudley Gang.

Sudden dematerialization and the ability to speak to the snake together suggest the use of dark magic, as in both cases only dark wizards can succeed in both abilities. And an interesting theory suggests that these sudden manifestations are caused precisely by Voldemort’s piece tied to his soul, and ultimately this mainly because dark magic manifests itself of its own accord when Harry is in danger or feels a lot of hatred.

Furthermore, there is also the possibility that these manifestations of dark magic are an attempt by the Horcrux to be tracked by Voldemort.

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