Dismissal? Andrea Legarreta leaves Hoy after 22 years of driving


After 22 years in the morning show "Hoy", the famous host, Andrea Legarreta She will say goodbye to him for this strong reason, news that has undoubtedly impressed viewers, as she is one of Televisa's most loved conductors.

Andrea Legarreta joined Televisa's morning show “Hoy” 22 years ago, practically since the show began airing on television.

In that same program was where Andrea She became known in the show business, because from the beginning she had a good connection with the public, but the wear and tear that the driver has suffered due to several recent scandals apparently and unfortunately they are charging her bill.

Notably liquidate it It would cost Televisa a great deal of money, since said company is going through a strong economic crisis since the pandemic began.

However, not everything is timeless, as this is not a dismissal And so far not a resignation either, since apparently the television station is not willing to lose so much money, much less its lifelong host and the most coveted.

They have ensured that at this time Andrea Legarreta He has not appeared on the forum, nor will he do so the following week in the morning because he has to go to Oaxaca on an emergency basis to attend to a very important family matter, so this October and the first week of November he will not she will be featured in the broadcast of the program.

Andrea Legarreta will not appear all this week in Hoy. The reason? The driver is in Oaxaca (where she will remain from L to V) attending to an inescapable family matter, "said Kaffie.

Something that has alarmed viewers and Andrea's followers a lot is that lately the star host has been more out of the program than inside after having returned to the program, because as they remember she had tested positive for the virus and remained in quarantine from her home .

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After having contracted Covid-19, along with the rest of her family, last August the famous woman had to be hospitalized for several days when she presented pneumonia due to the virus.

The actress also has more than 4.8 million followers on her official Instagram account, since she is very active in her social network and, in addition, many millions more people like to see her every morning in front of the morning program “Hoy” .

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Gravel She is one of the actresses and hosts who have been since the beginning of the famous program, of which, as you may remember, in the past she was out for two years because of a producer, so it is practically impossible to imagine the program without her presence.

Andrea Legarreta Martínez began as a model for television commercials at 2 years of age and at 8 years of age she entered to study, sing, dance and act at the Artistic Training Center of Televisa and participated in unitary programs such as "Nosotros los Gómez" , "Papá soltero", "Tres Generaciones", "Plaza Sésamo" and the telenovela "Carrusel", among others.

And as if that weren't enough, at the age of 16 she entered the musical group "Fresas con crema" and began her career as a host on the program "Música futura", at the same time she returned to soap operas with "Mástrás del puente" , "Simply Maria", "Reach a Star", "Paper dolls", "Dance with me", "The shadow of the other", "I have no mother", among many others.

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So inside Televisa It could be said that he has been practically all his life, so his absence from both the program and the company is something that would greatly impact his audience.

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