Disney, Hercules and the best Hades memes on Twitter

Several users agree that Disney's Hercules is one of the best movies of the company, this July 7th is trending on Twitter and memes about hades They started to get out.

It seems that the film has been going on continuously in TV so netizens are delighted to see it over and over again.

All the characters appearing in the movie immediately became famous especially the villain, Hades on God of the underworld.

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This character despite being the villain became very sympathetic to the public because the humor with which they worked despite their appearance It was one of the things he liked the most.

Seeing him go wild every time Hercules grew up, he ended up with every creature he sent him, until Megara He made his appearance casually using her to reach him and finally finish him off.

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The songs are also the ones that the public liked the most, especially the one that Megara sings, did you know that Tatiana and Ricky Martin they lent their voices to play Megara and Hercules.

Netizens have long been sharing some of Hades' phrases when he is very upset or when something funny like him happened to him. "Who blew out the candle?"

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Hercules is part of the films of Disney of which the live-action Well, maybe you want to take advantage of the success he had as a cartoon to capture it in another format.

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Although the live-action they have released have not had the same success that the original film the company decides to release them as many people hope to materialize these characters "in real life".

At the moment we take advantage of the memes of the film that are really creative and tasty thanks to the ingenuity of Internet users.

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