Distilling Love: The 10 most romantic moments between Gaviota and Rodrigo

One of the successful soap operas that they presented on Televisa was undoubtedly "Destilando Amor", starring Angélica Rivera and Eduardo Yáñez; the couple became one of the melodrama's favorites, to such a degree that even today, viewers continue to pair up the leads.

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The love story between the characters captured the attention of viewers, either because of the hot scenes that most impacted the audience, as well as the romantic moments that both characters had.

We all know very well that romance between them was forbidden, so on some occasions they ran away together to enjoy their love in the beautiful landscapes of Jalisco, we can even remember that the lovers had an intimate encounter in the light of day.

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For this reason, and thanks to a video of compilations on YouTube, we had the great idea to mention the best and most romantic moments that the couple lived, to whom we are not going to lie, more than one would like the actors to be together in life real.



Rodrigo and Gaviota were enjoying the sunset on the plot, then she expressed herself by confessing: "It is the happiest day of my life."



There is no better experience than seeing the person you love while he sleeps, this is the case of an occasion in which Gaviota falls asleep in Rodrigo's car and he only looks at her and delicately caresses her, admiring her beauty.



"What matters is that I already found you, Gaviota, and I'm not going to let you fly," Rodrigo says to the female in question, "I'm going to come back for you, to become my wife," he continues and later they merge into a tender kiss.



I am condemned to follow you eternally, I love you Seagull! Rodrigo tells her, while their eyes are full of tears, they look at each other, "I love you too, I love you," she replied.



We cannot fail to mention when the couple traveled to the beach, and there Rodrigo told Gaviota that she is the most important thing to him.



On this occasion, it is Gaviota who expresses her feelings towards her beloved, saying with all sincerity that she never wants to be separated from him again.



In a celebration, Rodrigo runs to where his beloved wife is, and he begins to yell at her how much he loves her, just like her, then they kiss through a glass.



Rodrigo asks Gaviota to return to the hacienda after getting married to continue making Tequila, fondly remembering the day they met among the mezcaleras.


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