DIY 101: How to Improve the Appearance of Your Interior Walls

DIY 101: How to Improve the Appearance of Your Interior Walls

When it comes to creating a home you love, no detail is too small. From choosing the perfect hardware for your bathroom to selecting sublimely drawn canvases to make your walls pop or finally weeding your garden, it’s important to pay attention to even the most minor aspects.

One factor that can really drag a house down, however, is its walls. While these are an integral part of any property, we often neglect them in favour of more exciting improvement projects. This is a big mistake because ugly and unkempt walls can negatively impact your whole interior.

Here, we look at some easy ways to liven them up and create a paradisiacal backdrop for your home. 

Identify imperfections

One of the biggest issues with interior walls is they can be prone to cracking, especially if they’re made from plaster. Even if this is only a minor imperfection that causes no structural damage, it still looks unsightly. Luckily, there are several solutions to explore.

If the problem is only on a small scale, there are simple remedies like adding more plaster or fixing the split with a setting-type compound. If the issue is more widespread, and you have numerous cracks appearing, you might need to consider something more drastic, such as replacing the plaster with drywall.

Drywall is not only more durable but has a much quicker drying time too. It should ideally be hung with a specialist drywall adhesive to ensure its longevity, do away with the need for nails, and reduce the likelihood of loose boards in the future.

Be bold with your colour scheme

Choosing paint for your walls is a high-stakes task and leaves us poring over colour charts for hours on end. Eventually, most of us settle on something conventional and uncontroversial. While there’s nothing wrong with this, there’s not much right with it either–not if you’re looking to create a statement home.

If you’re hoping to design an eye-catching interior, it’s time to be bold. Choose a colour not because it’s low risk but because you look at it and love it. Then develop the rest of your palette around it.

If you don’t quite dare to go all out, select one wall to start with and use it to make a statement. If you’re enamoured with the finished article, you can then go the whole hog and paint the rest of the room. Equally, it’s fine to use this wall as your focal point and adopt a more subtle approach elsewhere. Do whatever feels right, but don’t be afraid to try something different purely because you like the way it looks.

Create a picture gallery of prints

Bare walls, however beautifully coloured, can nonetheless be boring, and that’s not the impression you want people to take away from your home. One easy and cheap way to make them more interesting is to create a picture gallery of prints.

The beauty of this idea is that art is subjective, so you can go for whatever you like. While eclectic can work well, we find it best to pick a theme, whether this is gothic-inspired sketches or vintage-style botanical prints. You’ll know you’ve done it right when you look at your efforts and they delight your eyes.

When it comes to the interior walls in your property, these can either be unloved and uninspiring or create a dramatic backdrop for the house of your dreams. Decide which one you want, and when you’ve reached your decision, use our top tips and tricks to turn your imaginings into an exquisite reality.

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