Do these Jen Selter exercises for shape and volume


The beautiful fitness trainer Jen Selter has managed to impact his millions of followers with his routines training and now we bring you one that surely interests you, because with it you can achieve shape and volume to the glutes.

Jen Selter has the perfect key to get one r3taguardia round and bulky at home something that perhaps a few years ago seemed to be something impossible to do.

No doubt Jen Selter She is the best teacher and mentor of her buttocks we talked about, since the New Yorker is a celebrity thanks to her acclaimed and effective routines.

His story began when he shared a photo on his official Instagram account to show the transformation of his buttocks and, due to his results and the great acceptance of his workouts, he began to grow to the present with more than 12 million followers .

That is why this time we compile Jen Selter's best exercises and find the ones that have an extra level of difficulty to give shape and volume to the back charms.

Undoubtedly these exercises will make you sweat and wake up with little or great pain the next day, but they will also help you shape yourself from the comfort of your home only with the support of resistance leagues.

Lateral elevation

Place the resistance league on the quadriceps and support the weight of the body on your right h and and knee, now, put the left hand on the hip and stretch the leg of the same side up.

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Lower it without touching the ground and repeat the elevation, the number of series will depend of course on your condition and resistance, however, if you are intermediate you can start with 4 series of 10 movements.

Rear lift

Continue with the resistance league in the same place as the previous exercise, get as if you were going to do a push-up from the knees and keep your back straight, then, stretch your right leg up, come back and do 3 rounds again, of 10 movements per side each side.

Moving bridges

Lie on your back with your arms at your sides, raise your hips as far as you can and open your right leg to that same side, come back, do the same with your left leg and alternate for 30 beats, for 3 successions.

It is important to mention that the resistance band must go at least 15 cm above the knee for it to have a greater effect.

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Bridges with extension

Continue in the same raised hip position without opening your feet, what you will do is stretch your right leg up, maintaining the bridge posture, then you will lower to change the leg and so on until you complete 3 series, of 10 movements.

Jump squat

This is one of the favorite exercises to increase the volume so now leave the resistance bands, stand up straight and lower as if you were doing a deep squat, when you return to the starting position, do it by pushing yourself with a jump up, you will have to repeat 4 sequences, with 10 jumps each.

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You see? These exercises are really simple, however, they guarantee you completely results, because although they look simple if you fully work everything you are looking for tone up and that of course you can achieve.

There is no doubt that the beautiful model Jen Selter, who has perfectly known how to win over her audience, both men and women, as she is known on social networks as the queen of fitness for her incredible glute training, something that of course the gentlemen have enjoyed 100 either with their photographs or their videos.

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