Doctor Octopus was supposed to make his debut in the first film, because Sam Raimi changed plans

Waiting to see him in action in Spider-Man: No Way Home, let’s retrace the history of the Doctor Octopus di Alfred Molina on the big screen to discover the original plans for the character’s debut.

Before Sony Pictures decided to entrust the first Spider-Man film to Sam Raimi, a script developed in the 1980s by Stan Lee envisaged that the film’s main villain was none other than Doc Ock. But everything changed with the arrival of Raimi and screenwriter David Koepp, who eventually decided to use the iconic Green Goblin played by Willem Dafoe as the first antagonist, relegating Otto Octavius ​​to the role of secondary villain.

However, the director of La Casa was incredibly impressed fascinated by the father / son dynamic between Harry and Norman Osborn, so much so that it prompted Sony to hire screenwriter Scott Rosenberg to rewrite the film and eliminate Doc Ock from history, so that he could be reused as the main antagonist of the sequel. Another reason why Raimi decided to cut Octopus from the film was related to the fact that three origin stories told in a single film could have confused the fans, who would have followed with much more effort the story that the director had in mind to tell. .

While we await the details of the character’s return in the new film starring Tom Holland, a new clue has emerged on the net about the possible presence of Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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