Does Mark Tacher prepare, reunion with his ex, Cecilia Galliano?


The one who was the ex-boyfriend of the driver Cecilia Galliano, Mark Tacher He recently confessed with which of his ex-partners he would return, and will even prepare a reunion, revealed Could it be the driver?

The also host and actor of melodramas such as "Daughter of Mariachi", "How poor are so rich" etc., Mark Tacher recently revealed with which of his former partners he would be willing to return and the name of Cecilia Galliano shone during the conversation.

Mark revealed through his program "Inside" through Facebook where he had guests from part of the cast of the show "Singles in Quarantine" which is produced by Cecilia Galliano.

Through his program, the host maintains more direct contact with his fans, who on this occasion did not lose any details about the transmission since the host had the members of the program as guests that the host Cecilia Galliano produces.

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In the midst of a dynamic of games and interviews, the members of "Singles in Quarantine" brought up the issue of their relationship with the driver.

At all times, Mark was given the task of answering everything and on the question about whether he would return with a partner from the past, he replied that he has no problems in resuming a previous relationship, later he was asked about which specific partner is he with the one that would return ?.

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Since his most recent breakup, which was that of his separation with Cynthia Alesco, the actor and host has revealed that he is open to love and does not close himself off from a possible reunion with any of the women he was with and this includes the host Cecilia Galliano .

In the conversation he had during the broadcast, part of the cast of the show "Single in quarantine" attended where its producer, Cecilia Galliano was conspicuous by her absence.

However, his classmates were questioning his ex. At the table it was also possible to see María José Suárez, La Barby Juárez, Julio Ponze and William Valdés who joined the guests when asking Mark about his past with Argentina with whom he had a relationship that lasted more than five years.

It is worth mentioning that although Mark tried to evade the Galliano issue from the beginning, he suspected the direction that said broadcast would take.

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After some dynamics of games and punishments, Julio Ponzo asked him directly:

Would you go back to Cecilia Galliano? "To which Mark replied:" I have no problem ", to later admit without a doubt:" Of course I do! I do not have any kind of secrecy ", he commented somewhat blushing by the pressure of his guests who made a big fuss with his answer.

And it is that the members of the program that produces Cecilia Galliano, particularly Ponze shared in comments to Mark Tacher:

I tell you from my heart: Thank you for ending Cecilia Galliano, thank you, I don't know what happened. No, seriously, notice that this wonderful woman that you let go became this producer, now she's doing a show, "he said with a laugh.

For her part, Barby Juárez, María José Suárez, the Mexican world boxing champion who will now venture into comedy thanks to this program, thanks to the now Argentine producer, "whom she thanked for believing in her for said project" and even He pointed out he was listening to her.

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Later, another of the comments was that of Mauricio Barcelata's wife, who revealed that she has a very special friendship with Galliano, who she expressed with

You know what, Galliano? with you until death ", a comment that Tacher finished with:" Yes, because I did not comply.

However, the talk about Cecilia does not end there since William Valdés also recalled some special moments with the Argentine, specifically the moment he met her.

When she went to Despierta América, which was promoting Sabadazo, which was where I met her, I was, I think, 19, I reached her waist ”, in that sense, Tacher said:“ I reached her waist, it reaches Ceci's waist when she wore heels ”.

Later, Mark, announced a news that moved everyone: "We are going to have Ceci here, face to face."

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