Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The legendary Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama has a sequel in the form of Dragon Ball Super. Toyotarou begins to draft the manga’s cover art.

Throughout the 28th International Martial Arts Tournament, Buu loses until the very end. A new kind of gas, Granolah’s archenemy, will be revealed in Chapter 101 of the immensely famous manga Dragon Ball Super.

The Japanese manga Dragon Ball Super was well-received and quickly became a phenomenon. The manga is released monthly. Leaks have begun appearing online as the publishing date draws closer, shocking fans who are eagerly anticipating the book.

The story’s trajectory in comparison to the Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO movies suggests that the current section will start with Beast Gohan firing his Special Beam Cannon.

Dragon Ball Super fans all across the globe are going absolutely bonkers for Chapter 100 as the comic book series reaches a pivotal point in its story.

In keeping with the popular comedy, surprising story twists, and spectacular fights that have propelled Dragon Ball Super to worldwide fame, this highly anticipated release is sure to be an exhilarating experience.

As the stakes continue to rise, fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting impatiently to find out what happens to their beloved characters.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Release Date:

Several sources have said that Dragon Ball Super Volume 101 would be published on January 20, 2024, while others have said that January 21, 2024 is the actual release date.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Trailer Release:

Indeed, you can see a preview of Dragon Ball Super Volume 101 online.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Storyline:

The most enjoyable aspect of Dragon Ball Super’s revised ending is that it pays homage to the original intent of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which was to include supporting characters alongside Goku and Vegeta.

A lot of people say that Vegeta and Goku are the only individuals who ever accomplish anything in Dragon Ball; therefore, one reason why Super Hero was so popular was because it made an effort to have additional characters come to rescue the day.

As Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero comes to a close, it will be intriguing to see how the series continues to build on the emphasis placed in the manga.

In the next chapter, Piccolo devises a plan to distract Cell Max, the dangerous enemy, while Gohan and the rest of the squad launch an energy attack on him. To prepare for a last assault that will take advantage of Cell Max’s vulnerability, Gohan concentrates on gaining strength.

On the other hand, Cell Max creates a false perception of Piccolo’s death, which angers Gohan and causes a rush of transformational power. With his newfound strength, Gohan effortlessly evades Cell Max’s attack, showcasing his adaptability and determination. Even under constant pressure, Gohan is able to emerge victorious because of his immense power.

Cell Max unleashes the destructive Explosive Scream technique, sending a lethal energy ball hurtling towards Gohan and intensifying the struggle. The fact that Gohan is able to endure Cell Max’s relentless assaults is shown in this epic battle.

Two official portals, Manga Plus and Viz Media’s official site, allow fans to read the Dragon Ball Super manga. The official manga site of Shueisha, Manga Plus, makes it easy to read the most recent chapters. Dragon Ball Super, translated and adapted by the renowned Viz Media, is also available on their website.

Finally, with the release of Dragon Ball Super Volume 100 just around the corner, viewers can’t wait to see the fierce fights, surprising turns, and unwavering determination of their favorite characters. As the story of Dragon Ball Super continues to unfold, readers are becoming more and more pumped up for the next chapter.

Those familiar with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s events, however, may notice that the plot lacks tension. The manga picks off just where the last chapter left off, with Gohan Beast preparing to utilize his formidable Special Beam Cannon in a last-ditch attempt to vanquish the evil bio-android.

In the first few pages, Gohan’s strike quickly destroys Cell Max, suggesting the war is over. Because of this, chapter 100 lacks the excitement of an exciting finale and instead seems like a drawn-out finish.

Still, it has powerful and important panels that highlight how Gohan Beast’s attack changed the game. The emphasis here is on what happened after the battle rather than the fight itself, so that readers may grasp the gravity of Gohan’s victory.

The outstanding artwork in the manga draws readers in and drives home the importance of this much-anticipated triumph. Visual rewards, instead of any last-minute stress, attract people who are already acquainted with Cell Max’s end.

Instead of building tension, Volume 100 of Dragon Ball Super’s manga tale focuses on themes of friendship and family, marking the end of the plot. As a fitting finale, it honors the series’ profound emotional core while providing a feeling of fulfillment.

Collaborating with Cell Max led to Gohan’s eventual victory. Piccolo seizes control of the enemy and renders him helpless, enabling Gohan to land pinpoint attacks.

Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks destroy any chance of a counterattack by attacking Cell Max’s hands. The collaborative effort enhances the core values of friendship and family that are present in Dragon Ball, leading to a happier conclusion compared to the film adaptation.

The “Light of Death” strike not only has plot consequences, but it also gives Gohan a chance to develop his character in an intriguing way. Gohan takes Piccolo’s famous Special Beam Cannon and amps it up a notch.

Where To Watch Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101?

Visit VIZ’s website or the English comics portal Manga plus to read the latest chapters of Dragon Ball.

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