Drawing her courage, Amber Heard publishes expressive photo that reveals her feelings


Just two weeks ago, the actress recognized for her role as “Mera” in “Aquaman”, Amber Heard, as well as for her media and turbulent legal dispute with her ex-husband, the actor Johnny Depp, shared a photo on her official account on Instagram, where he apparently released all the anger and rage that he had saved, while riding in a boat.

In the image, the beautiful Amber Heard appears sitting in a boat while taking a walk by a lake, near her home, she wears black capri-style pants and a white loose blouse, with disheveled hair, by the wind that I was running in that sunset and a expression which caused several reactions to the viewers of it.

And it is that, we can see Amber in what seems to be the moment in which she has taken all her frustration and anger as for everything that she is currently living, be it because of her work in the film industry, the legal situation with her ex-husband and others.

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Under the description "The cry of the sun is very important", the image has reached a total of 103, 337 likes, although, there is no written comment, those who have seen the photograph of Amber's cry, have noticed that it may be in a way to express the cumulus of emotions you have at the moment.

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It is worth mentioning that, a little over two weeks ago, Amber made a new accusation to the world-famous Jhonny Depp, this time Heard, blames Depp for evading the lawsuit, since his commitment to a third of the lawsuit is still in force. the saga of "Fantastic Beasts", one of the highly anticipated entertainment.

In summary, and to make it a little clearer: Among the lawsuits that the couple has to face is one of defamation that Jhonny presented in Virginia, United States, a trial that was countered by the actress, however, recently the actor asked to delay the trial for a few months, because he had to comply with a contract with the Warner Bros. company, for the recordings of the aforementioned film production.

And, the judge delayed the trial until 2021, but clarifying that the cause is the current global health contingency, before this she asked her ex-partner to make a prolonged statement, although, the actor said that he could not because of his work schedule, Following these events, Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of evading the lawsuit through a statement released by his lawyers on a recognized Internet portal.

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On the other hand, we have the question of the second part of "Aquaman", where we well know, Amber is the protagonist playing "Mera", and apparently, the company, despite scandals and trials without end, decided only to shorten the time in which Heard will appear on screen.

After the worldwide success that Aquaman had, where it managed to raise 1,148 billion dollars, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard took a lot of prominence, for this reason, Warner decided to carry out “Aquaman 2”, which they did not know is the scandal that the actress would go through with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

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Amber Heard's bad reputation stems from the domestic violence allegations leveled against Johnny Depp, the legal battle they are engaged in is replete with alleged evidence, with each actor showing off the other's nasty things.

However, the actress's situation took a nosedive at the beginning of February, when some audios came to light in which she is heard violent @ her ex-husband, going from being the victim to being the victim, then, the social networks They rose up against the actress and since then they have not stopped with harsh criticism.

And, as the actress's situation is not going very well, everything seems to indicate that "Princess Mera" could have much less participation in the film, as a journalist who goes very hand in hand with the case let it be known: " Ezra Miller and Johnny Depp will definitely be in “Fantastic Beasts 3”, Amber Heard will definitely be in “Aquaman 2”, however their plan is to film so that the roles of Depp and Heard can be reduced if there is bad press ”.

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