Dreamy legs, Salma Hayek wows wearing stockings and lace!

One of the Hollywood personalities who has managed to conquer him thanks to her beauty as well as charisma and who is also beautiful in Mexican Salma Hayek who boasted in his official Instagram account a photograph that surely left more than one Internet user impressed, dark stockings and lace is the subject of his photograph with which he impacted his millions of fans.

Since the beginning of her career, Salma Hayek began to attract the attention of viewers and especially of the great Hollywood personalities who saw her as a person with great talent, only when they met her they realized that not only her talent was what shone but also her witty and creative personality and her character that to this day continues to captivate millions, not because of the fact that she is married to a wealthy man but because of the fact that she takes her career to the top and continues to excel in the industry.

As soon as he opened his Instagram account Salma Hayek began to have millions of followers, because she was already a celebrity and recognized actress not only in the United States and Mexico but also throughout the world, currently she has 16 million 700 thousand followers.

Instagram is a tool that we use to share images and videos of what we want, obviously there are certain restrictions and rules that we must comply with if the application does not automatically censor said publication, this has not happened with Salma Hayek because she tends to be very prudent with what he shares.

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Although of course by not being able to share certain content does not mean that there are not risque publications or that they incite you to have certain sinful thoughts, although also any publication that he makes in his case Salma Hayek She will always have a certain flirtation on her part, although that is her personality.

In the photograph in question appears the beautiful actress, businesswoman and producer reclining in an armchair, the photograph was taken in black and white so it gives it an even more romantic and mysterious touch, she is wearing a lace skirt with transparent parts and also a kind of jacket however this one is not very noticeable because it is open and falls from his arms.


The interesting thing about the image are her legs, although we know that Salma Hayek is not very tall, that does not mean that she has a dreamy figure as well as her legs that are really beautiful and shapely, by the way she is lifting them for what she really looks like attractive!

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By the way, the photograph is not recent, he shared it on August 25, 2018, although it is not current, it is just as exciting to see it for the first or second time, do not believe it.

There have been a total of 60 films in which he has participated, the most recent will be released in 2021, it will be part of the Marvel Universe, his character will be called Ajak within the film "The Eternals", it is one of the many films expected to this 2020, which unfortunately had to be postponed due to the pandemic that began a few months ago.

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Today Salma Hayek is married to the French businessman François-Henri Pinault with whom she had a daughter named Valentina Paloma Pinault Hayek, the beautiful actress lives extremely happy and although she does not reside in Mexico at every opportunity she is presented with, she takes advantage of it to enhance her roots and toast their beautiful and beloved Mexico as the renowned song says.

There is no doubt that Salma Hayek will continue to be one of the spoiled personalities of Mexico and Hollywood.

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