Dross is trending with his new video, users hail a second part


The famous Venezuelan youtuber, Dross, has already spent several years dedicating himself to the production of videos that address the paranormal and despite being very good, they have rarely been viral or owned.

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This time his latest video managed to become a trend and is considered one of his best videos so far.

In this video clip Dross begins to tell a story that little by little is catching you, it is the case of a young ticktocker and Instagramer, who recorded a short video of her wrists and the users detected that there was movement on their part, as well as that one of them activated itself.

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This caused the young woman to record a camera throughout the night, managing to capture more movements. So the story continues with the young woman investigating the case as much as possible because it was quite curious and she began to feel strange things inside her home.


Youtuber Dross was interested in the situation and decided to follow up, collecting many stories and videos of the girl to make it into a great video.

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In order not to ruin the experience, we recommend that you see it completely, although it lasts 18 minutes, it is most likely that it will completely catch you and perhaps even cause you some fear. In social networks, users are sharing their reactions as well as several memes in which they express their great fear and impression because they were not usually accustomed to feeling this with the videos and this managed to impact them greatly.

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It is worth mentioning that Dross is an expert in these subjects as well as that he has an excellent voice acting and a musical arranger that turns the video into a journey.

It is worth mentioning that in the comments of the original video some users appeared to present complaints, insults and others claiming Dross for stealing content, something that is not at all true, since he made a creation based on this and gave the full credits to the young woman, posting their profiles for them to follow which could be seen as a good help.

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