Drug to treat malaria or lupus will be administered in 20,000 patients with COVID-19 in

The Cofepris authorized the Ssa to use the medicine. (Photo: Reuters)
The Cofepris authorized the Ssa to use the medicine. (Photo: Reuters)

In its fight to contain the health crisis of the coronavirus in Mexico, the Health Secretary will supply hydroxychloroquine to 20,000 coronavirus outpatients from next week.

It's about a treatment to combat other autoimmune diseases, and the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) it has already authorized the Ssa to administer the medication in a controlled manner.

According to the newspaper Millennium, the drug will be offered to patients who have the virus, despite the fact that various scientists have warned that it increases the risk of arrhythmias and death.

The hydroxychloroquine will be supplied in a controlled manner and outside of clinical trials, that's how he made it known José Sifuentes, director of the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán, after receiving a donation of 130,000 doses of Novartis generic drug.

Novartis donated 130,000 doses of the drug. (Photo: Reuters)
Novartis donated 130,000 doses of the drug. (Photo: Reuters)

Two months ago, the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis disclosed about donating doses of hydroxychloroquine, a drug that is used to treat diseases like malaria or lupus.

"What we have agreed with the secretary (of Health, Jorge Alcocer) is to distribute it in the institutions of the coordination of the national health institutes, regional hospitals, of high specialty and with social security institutions ”, clarified Sifuentes.

Mexico already add 62,527 people infected with COVID-19, and there are 6,989 deaths until the early hours of this Saturday, April 23.

Remember that the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the population should not take the drug called hydroxychloroquine to combat the COVID-19.

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Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO for Health Emergencies, assured that the drug should only be used in clinical studies monitored by doctors, "due to its potential side effects."

Further, a study published in the journal The Lancet, showed that the drug does not benefit patients with COVID-19, but was related to increased mortality rates and an increase in cardiac arrhythmias among hospitalized coronavirus patients.

This analysis, published in the Lancet journal, monitored the behavior of at least 15,000 patients with COVID, who were given the drug, in addition to data from 81,000 controlled patients.

Donald Trump confessed that he was taking the drug as a preventive measure. (Photo: Reuters)
Donald Trump confessed that he was taking the drug as a preventive measure. (Photo: Reuters)

According So clinical trials conducted so far have shown that hydroxychloroquine It has the benefit of reducing the generalized inflammation that occurs in infected people, so it will be used in patients with early stages of the disease.

He explained that the intention is to offer the medicine in a supervised and caring way, after “a secretarial agreement. This can be done, not only with face-to-face monitoring, but even with monitoring over the phone, video calls ”.

Last Monday, May 18, the President of the United States, Donald Trump surprised more than one, after revealing that for weeks he consumed hydroxychloroquine and zinc preventively against the coronavirus, although he assured that he had no symptoms of the disease.

However, on Wednesday the 20th, Trump said he would stop taking hydroxychloroquine "in a day or two." after taking the pills of that medicine for two weeks as a prevention against COVID-19, a property that has not been scientifically proven.

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"I think the (drug) regimen ends in a day or two. I think it's two days, "the president said in statements to the press at the White House.


The WHO insisted that hydroxychloroquine "should only be used in clinical studies" due to its "potential side effects"

Pharmaceutical Novartis to donate 130 million doses of anti-malaria drug if confirmed to be effective against coronavirus

Donald Trump assured that he will stop taking hydroxychloroquine "in two days"

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